Dark Light, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Rhaa lovely.
Well done, it’s been such a long time since you last posted your work.
(I wonder how you would have got the time anyway…)


Like it a lot.
Very nice work as usual :slight_smile:


beautifull… again :thumbsup:


Well done Olivier. She reminds me of Sandra Bullock for some reason :slight_smile:




Extraordinary work as always Olivier!


Amazing work as usual, you have been my favourite 3D artist for years now. I still use your Mermaid image as background.

Would you be able to show some Making of images, wireframes/ortho’s texture sheets ?
Any insight in your workflow would be deeply apreciated !

Great atmosphere, and you nailed the eyes as usual :thumbsup:


As the usually some dark but sensual character! congrats :slight_smile:

May you show us more detais? like how you texture the model, the wireframes and set the light scene.



That is one very cool and classy representation of a sexy figure.


Beautiful work!


Damn love the lighting and reflections.

Have you got any higher resolustion ?


Very nice mood.

U used Famke janssen as ref possibly? Face reminds me of jean grey from xmen when she turns into phoenix.

Great work.


I love it! My new wallpaper!


Looks like a demon. :slight_smile:


I like your style a lot! All your latest pieces carry it, dark yet realistic :slight_smile:

This one reminds me a little of some of the caves in Skyrim.

Cobra 6


Its always pleasure to see your new work, and this one is really awesome.
Great work Olivier.


Hello !!!

Magnifique, superbe, le style est génial et charismatique, flippant et beau.
Il y a comme référence ‪Famke Janssen‬, je pense, bon choix en tout cas, un WIP vite !!!
et des détails en HD.

Surement ta plus belle création.

Hello !!!

Beautiful, beautiful, the style is awesome and charismatic, creepy and beautiful.
Ago as a reference ‬ ‪ Famke Janssen, I think, good choice in any case, a WIP soon !!! and details in HD.

Probably your best creation.


Any plans to sell prints of this image?


It looks great, I particularly like the skin.
I still have your mermaid on my wallpaper, I can see there’s definitely a lighting/shading style on your own. Keep bringing the pieces man! Congrats.


Wow, badmon, as always O_O


Top notch work, really awesome you keep your noir style which looks always refreshing to me, also love that photographic essence in it, though it took me a moment to distinguish her forearm in the foreground, or I just lost my focus lol, other than that this image is brilliant. Keep up the great work! Cheers!