Dark Light, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Dark Light
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

I finally managed to finish a new picture! I used ZBrush and 3dsmax for the modelling part, Mental Ray for rendering and Photoshop for textures and Post prod. I hope you like it.



Awesome! Those stylish drawings on her skin are very beautiful and overall nicely done. As well I’m totally attracted by black atmosphere of this picture. The question I want to ask myself is - who is she. Thank you Olivier for aesthetic pleasure =)


Beautiful work!! The eyes look great…


Very interesting!
I like hairs style!


Excellent work Olivier. Turned out very well and it’s definitely one of your best works. :thumbsup:



You’ve got yourself another winner with this piece… Love it!


:eek: OMG! Every work of yours is a masterpiece.This one is no exception.Totally love it! :bowdown:


Cool work. She looks very familiar, did you base her on a known character?


Superbe comme d’hab’! Great as always!


I am great fan of your work. Great pitcure, that have some eteric feeling.
How did you set up sss shader, what textures you have used. :thumbsup:


I love it!!
Looks so cool , and the mood is all your style.
Personally I think the nose looks a little bit wired.


Amazing detail, great work :beer:



I love your design! it’s beautiful!


It is amassing what you can achieve, masterpiece after masterpiece.


hi dude, great job! The depth of her disturbing black eyes is really nicely done and I also love the details and précision of tattoos. it is hand painted?


Thanks guys!
About the SSS settings it’s extremely basic : It has 3 maps Diffuse, Specular and Bump. I plugged the diffuse to the overall diffuse slot, specular to the overall specular slot and bump to… bump! The overall rendering and mood depends more on the lighting and post effects. The lighting is composed of 3 lights 1 strong fil light from the camera, 1 warm keylight from the bottom right corner and 1 blue vertiacal light from above. All these lights are large area lights
About the textures and tatoos, yes it’s hand painted and it actually took me a while to get a nice pattern :slight_smile:


Can nipples be tatted? That’s gotta hurt.


@ Narntson
Perhaps it’s a kind of pigment disorder :smiley:
Just kidding…

The images is really great. I wish I could create such realistic characters :bowdown:


Amazing piece of work!! n great detailing…congrats Olivier :beer:


Hey Olivier, it’s awesome as usual!

Et content de te voir utiliser ZBrush !

Thomas @pixologic :slight_smile: