Dark Anakin, Nicolas Villeminot (2D)


Title: Dark Anakin
Name: Nicolas Villeminot
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

This is a digital illustration for a star wars contest, i made it using photoshop and 3 different photo references. The pic was made directly in photoshop without making any sketch.
Comments and critics are welcome :wink:


This is right work for me! (watch my signed)

Fantastic work, I like composition with two sun ( it remind me Tatooine).
Padme and Obi looks grat, Anakin is quite strange.
I like this image is Fantastic.

4 stars:buttrock:


nice! 4 stars for me.


Wonderful! No real crit here, except for one thing:

I question your choice to stray from your monocromatic color scheme by adding yellow into the sun on the right, a yellow hue that really appears only there in the image

I would consider removing it. Doing this would help elongate the composition vertically, making Anakin a bit more towering. . Also, perhaps add a bit of a very bright blue-white (like in the saber) on to the edge of the top sun (just a small bit).

Again, simply awesome work.


stroke is a bit cumbersome, however, this a real nice paint style that you have. Also natilie looks a tad chubby, but its real good otherwise


this needs to be on the frontpage…excellent job…very dedicated feel…


very nice work nicolas. i like that


seccad: Thanks !

cha0t1c1: The front page ?! … hum well thanks !

OptimusDinkus: Thanks, yes i had already such commentaries about Natalie, but my pic is not so far from the original photo, i think i’ve made her mouth a little bit too small that makes her a bit “chubby” as you say :wink:

Moonlit Matt: Thanks ! … i understand your point of view, the yellow is there to not have a full monochromatic background, also your idea of adding a bit of blue in the glow of the sun might be good :wink:

Eidan: Well thanks !!

rawwad: Thanks !! Yes the 2 suns are the ones from Tatooine :wink: … and for Anakin i don’t know, … but i’ve just looked at the original photo and yes he’s different from it :wink:




wow nice, you must be inspired from the starwars movie :slight_smile:
nice work :thumbsup:


Exellent work Nicolai. I like that…
And its now my backroung on my computer :slight_smile:
Always I like Star Wars


love it :smiley:


Splendid, of the very beautiful work


I think the likeness of Anakin isn’t working quite yet. His nose looks too bulbous I think. The other two likenesses are spot on.


obi-wan and anakin look great, but i must point out that your padme doesnt really look like her.
and since natalie portman is so beautiful, it doesnt really do her justice. she looks a little masculine. but other than that, it looks pretty good.


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