Daphne & Apollo, Adel Adili (leda) (3D)


Title: Daphne&appolo
Name: Adel Adili (leda)
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Deep Paint, Photoshop, VRay

This image was worked for Master & servant (M&S)challenge.
Some of my artist fellows recommended me to upload it in the Finished work.
You can find the link with details & WIP about it at my signature.


Wow! Very cool, how much post work did you do on it? thier skin looks fantastic, and I love the clouds! Very cool.


Fantastic work on everything! :thumbsup:


Excellent! I love it! the skin shader look fantastic! and a nice attention to details.


Although I don’t really get the deepness of it and I know it is there… I know XERO greek mythology minus Zeus and Apollo. LOL!

This is professional level work and I love it but I would have had some DOF in it to blur out the background a bit.



Truly amazing work Adel, well done, 5 stars :smiley:


Thanks for the comment.
It has a little DOF in the background but I didn’t think it was necessary here cause I would have lost the Classic style.


that is a marvelous show of the figure, even though it’s similar to the original concept statue your pose/angle are nicer. her face and upper body turned out perfect, could have fooled me if you said it was painted.
great workflow/conceptual work btw.


this looks almost like a classic oil painting
i like the clouds did you paint them?
if theres anything to crit in this amazing image i think its the female
dress which looks a little bit hard like stone or so.
nevertheless fantastic, worth 5* :thumbsup:


great…feels good…
the scene is a part of mythology ?
& u use the “sss” render in vray?

have nice day…


This is absolutely fantastic. Is everything modeled? You nailed the classical painting style to the very detail. If everything is modeled ***** from me. Either way this is a fantastic piece.


wow,nice very nice job


wow that skin is so amazing! That is beautiful


superb picture dude! Love it all, even the imperfect clouds, reminds me of the renaissance paintings of old where not everything is totally rendered perfectly esp non focus parts of the image. GJ u! Very Maxfield Parish’ish ^^


Amazing work. Seen some of the your great works but this Greek one is truly amazing. Your entry in Grand Space Opera was also a wonderful contribution. Request you to do a 3D art on Hindu mythology, esply, on our South Indian culture & heritage please.


still can’t believe it’s 3d - it has all characteristics of a painting! astonishing! :applause:


A classical piece done with a classic touch and in top fashion…Beautiful piece Adel.:arteest: :arteest:


The begining of the 3D PlasticArt era.



wow…the work you put into the textures is just amazing.


Hi, I is not still had the occasion to congratulate you for this super
illustration 3d, if I were a judge you would be on the podium of best
for this challenge. :thumbsup: