danube 2013, Ioan Dumitrescu (2D)


Title: danube 2013
Name: Ioan Dumitrescu
Country: Romania
Software: Photoshop

Hei guys

This is an image i did when thinking of how would Danube look in 2013 post apocalypse future…my fav genre…let me know what ou think:)

c&C mos welcome!


Amazing work Ioan! Great mood & style!


Fantastic work!! Great design and mood. :slight_smile:


Very cool painting, although a bit depressing! I am visiting the Danube next month so will see it looking nice before the apocalypse, heh. I really like your brushwork, and the water is particularly nicely done. I also really like your bold use of strong, dark tones.


Love it :slight_smile:


thanks for the nice words guys!much appreciated:) and for the plug hehe

leigh:i sincerly hope it wont look like this to soon…the Danube i say is especialy beautiful in Romania,when it enters the country and when it goes into the Black Sea forming a delta…so you will enjoy everysecond of it:D how will you visit it? all its length or just in some countrys?

crits and comments are welcomed!



I am going to be in Hungary only this time. But I hope to visit Romania later this year or next year :slight_smile:


Great concept, i love the colors!


Love the image, jonone! Lots of interesting bits in the composition.
I think only in Germany or Austria the Danube is that small. I can see it from my window here.


leigh>>thats not visiting danube its visiting budapest hehe
Littlelizard>>thanks!glad u like it

undoz>>mersi hehe a intrat la apa :slight_smile:


Is this Bulgaria on the other side : :applause:
Well done dude!


amazing details Ioan ! very nice !
best of luck

IsmaiL /°


Grate artwork, its almost like 3d :slight_smile:
the train there, is from the future?
the right side wall feels like madmax or fallout.

overall look and feel is excelent.


pimeto>> haha grass is greener on the other side eh?:))
ismailpegasus>>cheers:)good luck to you to!
Aliosa>>thanks!well 2013 near future:D i like mad max but i didnt play fallout:)


Very cool concept. I love the mood you created.


Beautiful !
I like the mood of it, it reminds me some old painting from the 17th century…
Great job !


aksu>>thanks i appreciate it!

gpepper>>cheers hehe i wish:D


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