Daniel Cornibert- 3d artist Demo reel.



Hi there I have just graduated in animation from the University of westminster. I am currently looking for work.

I have produced a short demo reel containing a small selection of the things I have created in the last year.

concepts and models by myself and 2d animation by zoe matzko also an animation student at the university of westiminster.

software used: 3dsmax, zbrush, photoshop, terragen, maya, gelato and others.

10 mb wmv

you can find my website here.

Any crit or comment is most welcomed.

Thank you for looking. I hope you like what you see.


very nice reel. nothing much to critique, sorry. other than that keep it up and good luck with the job hunt


Thanks bro nice of you to take a look im glad you like. I thought i would keep it short and sweet.


very good stuff.i like your characters in particular.
altho there are some minor flaws, like the whale scene which i personally think - could be reworked.

still,a very good reel :slight_smile:


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