Daniel Bystedt, Lead creature artist and Head of modeling


Hi there!

My name is Daniel Bystedt. I’m working at Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm, Sweden where we are creating game cinematics and VFX for film and TV.

I am very much into concepting and sculpting creatures, monsters and robots. At work I am usually creating characters and creatures from modeling, sculpt, texture, lookdev and hair/fur. It’s not that common in our industry to be able to take ownership such a big part of the pipeline chain of a character, but I’ve been lucky and ended up at a great company.

For sculpting I absolutely love to work with Zbrush and I have been doing beta testing for Pixologic since Zbrush4R5 back in 2012. I got the chance to go and meet up both the Pixologic team and a bunch of other artists back in 2017 at the Zbrush Summit in LA. I was really humbled to receive the award for “Film art of the year” at the same event.

Ever since I started with cg I have been using Maya, but in the last couple of years I have switched to Blender and that has really turned into a new big interest of mine. There is a lot of development happening in both the Blender core development team and also addons developed by the community. I have been doing some demo scenes for Blender 2.8’s new realtime viewport “Eevee” which is incredibly inspiring to work in.
See you around at CGSociety :slight_smile:



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That tree creature of yours looks amazing. So much life in it and totally freaky, but something I couldn’t even force myself to look away from…it’s that captivating. Well done. :slight_smile:


Great to have you in the forums. Blender Guru!


Hi Daniel,
Great to have you here on the forums. Wow, your work is really amazing, love how you can execute organic creatures and hard surface models both so well.
Woahhhh, that render you did of the bug creature in Blender is awesome, I haven’t used blender in forever, but this new Eevee engine looks awesome.


Cool to have some more local talent here on the forums!

Big fan of your work on Sebastian and the protagonist from Biomutant. Keep representing the capital of our beautiful välfärdsstat, and welcome to the forums!


I owe you a phone call this week! Happy to have you here in the forums with us sir, amazing work.