dancing mech


hey their

im currently working on this scene on and off as i have a few school projects that need working on. i have most of the animation done just needs a few tweaks. so im hoping you guys could give me some crits.

the animation is through this link.



Oh thats sweet nice work on the head wiggiling around at the beginning of the dance!..i hate you!


I think this is a good start but now its time to take step back and think about the project.

you have a great entry walk. and then it stops and waits. the music starts and it steps out.
why did it stop? why did it step so far to the right?(rehtorical)

try starting the music before it stops walking. keep the pause as the music gives you a reason for it.
and then consider some more recognizable dance moves. with exception for the moon walk I wouldn’t beable to tell it was dancing with the music turned off.

you got a good sense of motion, and its believable that this thing is moving around. the piece just needs a bit more dirrection

also if you haven’t done this already, use youtube and find example video of people dancing.

Im looking forward for an update.


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