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Image Engine executives Shawn Walsh and Peter Muyzers called Dan Kaufman to be VFX Supervisor on the ‘District 9’ movie. This call out of the blue turned into a pretty cool project for Kaufman. One of a list of them actually. Check out what else he’s done, and also chat with the man himself. Click the image for the story.


Great article, and AWESOME movie!


Very inspiring! :slight_smile: Kudos to Kaufman!


pretty interesting, thanks for that!


Best movie I’ve seen in years! The low budget statement isn’t that true, I’d say this is a high budget film. A high budget of quality that is. :wink:


Looks fantastic … i remember seeing the demo here on cgtalk years ago which i guess must have drummed up some peter jackson love, couldnt wait then and cant wait now. The story line just looks awesome.


great article and awesome flim!


I saw this movie yesterday and it’s honestly awesome! Congrats to everyone for this movie.

Thanks for the article.


Awesome characters …prawns felt very real - Great movie - proud its in my home land and goes to show you dont need top actors to make a great Movie ek se


Incredible movie, and great feature.

Its great to know that such a relatively low budget movie featuring a cast of unknowns can excite people and win the critics over. I would much rather watch something like this than the usual big budget celebrity filled hollywood movie cliche. The whole film - the setting, the characters, the downplayed effects, the pacing and especially the cinematography just felt fresh and more mature than the usual action film.

I saw a feature on how they created the SPOILER mech SPOILER in it, but i cant for the life of me find it or remember what site it was on! I thought it was a CGsociety feature, but i cant find it.

I didnt read it at the time as it probably contained spoilers, but now i have seen it, im dying to read more on its creation.

Can anyone help out with a link?


Ah, no worries - found it:


Enjoyed reading the article. Great movie!


AndyH >> I think you accidentally linked back to this thread. :slight_smile:


Doh! Ive been copying and pasting URLS all over the place just now as i was telling some mates about it!

Heres the proper link:


Thanks mate. :slight_smile:


So, I was thinking the other day, what Neil Blomkamp (Peter Jackson) did with $30 million was near infinitely better than the spfx in X-Men Origins: Wolverine…what happened, they had 5 times the budget of District 9!?


Very cool man :arteest:

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