Damocles space elevator hub (mothership), Sergio Botero (3D)


Title: Damocles space elevator hub (mothership)

Name: Sergio Botero

Country: Colombia

Software: Maya mental ray Photoshop

Submitted: 4th August 2016

Damocles is a large space port and elevator hub with stations fixed on earth, located in an enormous, peaceful and very prosperous city, in a not-so-distant future.

In the year 2117 the most economical way to send people and cargo to outer space is using a space elevator. It’s not the quickest option but a very practical and effective one. Just like other similar Orbitowers placed on the Equator, the Damocles elevator hub provides this service.

Space freight elevators are crucial to carry large components of interplanetary and the earlier interstellar vehicles into orbit, so they can be assembled in space instead of being launched by rockets.

Autonomous trucks and cars arrive at the base’s ground to take passengers and cargo to the space elevator cabs. Flying vehicles land on the pads. The building itself is headquarters for many logistics companies, there are some offices and a hotel.

Check out the project in better resolution in my portfolio.


I have always loved the forms on this one !


With the city in the background


Autonomous trucks arrive to the ground entrances through bridges. Hovering passenger vehicles land on pads.
TER (Ground) Station


A freight cab in space reaching the MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) station (Design in progress)
Freight cab in space


Reference board


Cab freight compartment Interior