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hey mel,

just downloaded the orange rig and noticed a problem (might be an old one) the the left and right blend shapes are the same (as in they are both right) i think its coz the the left one is just the right one -x’ed in the scale. theres a script on high end ‘mirror blend 2.5’ that’ll fix it though.

if you’ve fixed it i’m sorry i am not worthy. this could be an old rig i have… stay back…don’t hurt me…arrrhhhhhhhhggggg!!!


hmmm, I’m trying to remember if I uploaded the new rig or not… :curious: It might be a little while before I can look into that ( just finished moving and awaiting for the rest of my stuff to make it’s trek cross country ) but I’ll jot it on my laundry list and look into verifying. Probably just needs a quick duplicate, convert to subd and back… then delete history and voila… fresh geo… mmmmmmmm fresh geo…



Fresh geo? That doesn’t sound like you, you’re usually going…‘mmm…fresh blood…mmm…fresh…’


yeah i fixed it i just wondered if anyone else had that problem so i thought i’d let you know


I do not know if even there is some position opened in the animation section.
If there is, I would like to join in.

I am a little confused with posts and I do not know if I have it to request here or no.

Anyway i just downloaded the box model with rig (with the bug that dalmanna comment) and began to play with it

P.D. Sorry with my english.


i think, there’s another error in the rig.

if i move the rig (whit F,B,L,R controls) and then, squash or stretch or any BlendShape it squash or whatever AND MOVE at world (0,0,0) :S


hmmm, k now I definitely know that the rig being downloaded is an older version.

The old version used to do that as well, I had forgot to re-order the input stack and put the blendshape node beneath the skincluster so the blendshape would force orange back to his default position.

i’ll see if I can dig for the file, I’m about 3000 miles from all my stuff right now and it’s apparently ‘enroute’ so hopefully it arrives soon!



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