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Re: Paperclip.

Why, thank you, my dear. :wise:

That reminds me - over on the 5 Blades project, we have a Yahoo group site for storing files etc. I have to say its been a real help in keeping files altogether. :thumbsup:

BTW - I just wanted to take this oppertunity to say that I find this a great learning experiance. I never was a fantastic animator( Character setup is my skill ), but I am really getting a kick out of the work I’m doing - I shall see this through to the end :cool:


nobody likes a kiss-ass :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have a look-see tonight boone, sounds like a trasnform issue.



I suppose that’s why you use that creme brulee scented moisturiser on your behind then? :smiley:

Sorry…the devil made me say it! :twisted:


Here ya go Theresa, it’s one of my new products:



That’s just wrong. :argh:


Re: MEL & Paperclip.

Jesus Christ. :argh:


You never want to challenge a TD to see who can muster up the most disturbing comment or picture… we ALWAYS win :twisted:



I looked at your desk the other day and I saw this taped onto your computer:

Now don’t try and talk yourself out of that one.

We should be getting back to work…


All CG people get that handbook when they start in the industry. It’s called: “An Introduction to CG: Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles”.



Did you see a few incriminatory phrases like ‘Breathe in deeply through the nose’?


Yeah, that’s for when the production goes south and the producers shove your head underwater, only letting you breathe through your nose just resting above the waterline.

Nothin like a good flogging on a production!



I feel disturbed, inside. You win. Happy that you broke a paperclip?


Yup :slight_smile:

As a TD it is my duty to break people in :thumbsup:



I have seen the (weird, blue-glowy) light…Ohhh lead me master…to the way of the TDs…


that line just has “Bad Porno” written all over it hahaha…



Really? I was aiming for the ‘bad star trek episode’ effect.

Hmmm… off I go to bed to rest my (apparently dirty) mind. See you in the morn.


peace outside homefry.

hope you enjoyed your stay in Damnation Alley :twisted:



Re: MEL & Paperclip.

Thats it - I quit. :argh:


You can’t quit, you signed your soul away to this project in blood :slight_smile:



Re: MEL.

Maybe thats why I’m feeling a little drowsy! :argh: