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Re: Paperclip.

Why, thank you, my dear. :wise:

That reminds me - over on the 5 Blades project, we have a Yahoo group site for storing files etc. I have to say its been a real help in keeping files altogether. :thumbsup:

BTW - I just wanted to take this oppertunity to say that I find this a great learning experiance. I never was a fantastic animator( Character setup is my skill ), but I am really getting a kick out of the work I’m doing - I shall see this through to the end :cool:


I suppose that’s why you use that creme brulee scented moisturiser on your behind then? :smiley:

Sorry…the devil made me say it! :twisted:


That’s just wrong. :argh:


Re: MEL & Paperclip.

Jesus Christ. :argh:


I looked at your desk the other day and I saw this taped onto your computer:

Now don’t try and talk yourself out of that one.

We should be getting back to work…


Did you see a few incriminatory phrases like ‘Breathe in deeply through the nose’?


I feel disturbed, inside. You win. Happy that you broke a paperclip?


I have seen the (weird, blue-glowy) light…Ohhh lead me master…to the way of the TDs…


Really? I was aiming for the ‘bad star trek episode’ effect.

Hmmm… off I go to bed to rest my (apparently dirty) mind. See you in the morn.


Re: MEL & Paperclip.

Thats it - I quit. :argh:


Re: MEL.

Maybe thats why I’m feeling a little drowsy! :argh: