Damn Cant Wait Til Next Challenge



Who else here cant wait 'till the next challenge, lets talk about it come up with some kool lil predictions :wink:

and does anyone know when the next challenge is gonna be?


I’m looking forward to it too. I am hoping that I will have enough free time to actually complete this one, unlike the previous challenge. I think all we know is that the Challenge will start after Sigraph; so I would guess it will start sometime in the next couple of weeks.


The new challenge forums are being set up as we speak…

It’s going to be AWESOME!! :bounce:


that’s just great news Leigh :slight_smile:

i cant’t wait for it to begin too :). i am just going to try to complete the picture in time^^.


Cool, Dont know if I should join yet :slight_smile:


complete a challenge at cgtalk?
What are you talking about?


by the way before I forget, do you have to pay anything to be apart of the challenge?


dont think so


Sorry to be a bore… but would you mind awfully putting the challenge off until the fifteenth of this month? I’m holidaying with the family in Devon, you see, and i wouldn’t want to miss the party. Can’t be giving that Alastair Fell chappy and Miss Enayla of Bergvist a headstart, whatto?

Thankyou Awfully

Jonny McDuddle IV


Entering the challenge is totally free :slight_smile:

I think everyone is going to be really excited about the new challenge. The theme is a nice departure from the last challenge, and I think it could open up the scope to include more artists from different skillsets.

I am really looking forward to it :smiley:

I posted some clues a while ago in a thread in the Challenges forum, but no-one guessed the theme, even though both clues I posted lead to a very specific word :wink:


I just really don’t think that’s possible. I am awfully sorry.

But hey, you’ll have a couple of months to finish it! :smiley:


lol, you have no idea how many times a day I jump onto cgtalk just to see if the challenge has started… :thumbsup:


Leigh - are you gonna frontpage the announcement once its made? That way i dont have to watch the forums like a hawk with binoculars on speed.

I hope i can get entheausiastic about the theme - machineflesh and alien ware didnt really ‘click’ with me, but the M&S one really did - too bad i wasnt able to enter it!

Lookin forward to the news.

Love your avatar by the way twistedreality - what noise is he making?
Alll riiiight!
Ohhh Yeaahhhh!


Leighs eloquent and confounding clues… (I believe…)

There was also some debate as to the use of the expression ‘breath-taking’ by Mibus… but that could be a red herring. Oooh the plot thickens…

Oh, and Jonny… we’ll all wait for you get back before we start. Even if the announcment is made tomorrow… honest… :wink:


Yep, the announcement is always plugged :slight_smile:


Yes those were the two clues :wink: I am actually really surprised that no-one has guessed by now.


Hmm, wonder if it’s something simple like slang or figures of speech, like physical representations of odd common phrases, etc.

Makes me think of the tex avery cartoon where the hipster is trying to get into heaven and describing his life, with the angel imagining all the slang literally.

But I’m probably way off and will smack myself when it’s revealed :slight_smile:


Moulin Rouge! Or am I miles off…

Edit: Just googled Moulin Rouge…

Spectacular Spectacular
Spectacular, spectacular
No words in the vernacular
Can describe this great event

You´ll be dumb with wonderment
Returns are fixed at ten percent
You must agree, that´s excellent
And on top of your fee…
You´ll be involved artistically.

Am I warm yet? :wink:


Hmmm… maybe in your mind, but I’ll be honest and say I don’t make a connection between either of those two phrases and a single word.



Let us assume someone did guess by now. There’s no point in keeping the truth from us now Leigh!