Daiyun Lin, haijun qi (3D)


Title: Daiyun Lin
Name: haijun qi
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop

Lin Daiyu is the heroine in A Dream of Red Mansions which is one of the China’s four masterpieces. This character has gradually become a symbol of Chinese culture, represents delicate, shy, sensitive, gentle, and other similar feelings.


Great modeling and expresion on her face, congrats. I don´t have experience working with hair, but the hair doesn´t look reallistic, probably is the hair material I´m not sure. The ear looks little strange, but maybe is because of the hair. The earings, the flower, and other stuff in the head are too simple, (modelling and materials), the earings are floating. The texture skin needs more work, and the texture cloth too. Work on that and probably you will have a great masterpice of art.



Ha,sincere thanks!I have a lot to learn and practice! One year later I will bring next image,it should be better!




hen piao liang


nice work…


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