Daiichi, Hasan Bajramovic (3D)


Title: Daiichi
Name: Hasan Bajramovic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

Character that I’ve been doing in my spare time.

STAR - Special Tactics and Rescue unit was formed as a response to ever growing need to end the conflict before it expands to a bigger region.

This unit has 13 members each trained in a different style of martial arts. They hold an intensive and rigorous selection process. Each new member has to undergo full body screening to evaluate both mental and physical strength. Those that make through undergo a final medical examination and are put through intensive training in both martial arts and military tactics. Each member is trained in fighting style that is best suited for them and is given a wide choice of weapons to pick from. Aside from the standard fire arms they all get to pick a melee weapon. They can choose from bladed to blunt weapons that include swords, staff and daggers. STAR Units are fitted with a custom armor that is built to enhance their predisposed abilities.

Daiichi (第一 - first, number one) is the leader in this unit. He excels in the art of sword and his hand to hand combat skills are hard to match. Combination of power and speed that is enhanced by his suit gives him a perfect balance and makes him a tough opponent to beat.

Thanks for viewing guys!

Some WIP close up shots


I really like the texture painting work you did here. Well done character. My only critique would be on the hair which comes off a little too perfect along the hairline.


Thanks you so much MrPositive! Glad you like the texturing on the character. It took a while to finish this one lack of free time and a broken workstation but I finally managed to put the whole thing together in time for this years Expose. :beer:


brilliant stuff! love the designe! Modern samurai!


looking & details is very good i love the textures
good luck :thumbsup:


super work design


Very nice armor design and realistic render, but a bit funny thou from concept side, when such advanced unit running with katana 600 years old, firearms would be more then enough to do justice :slight_smile: and head is unprotected.

Anyway great work !


Thanks for your flattering comments guys! Really appreciate it.

In my original concept I planned to give him a haiku full head protection but I gave up on that Idea. This one worked a lot better :slight_smile:
As for the katana question :slight_smile:
I actually mentioned that aside from standard issue firearms they all get to pick a melee weapon which is in his case a Katana.

Besides I just love them swords :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting!!! :buttrock:


Totally agree MrPositive and I’m aware of this issue. There was so much modelling on the character and the environment that things became a bit heavy and the deadline for Expose was getting closer so I decided to let that one slide.


amazing work man! just o_0!


Incredible details! Well thought-out character!
Though I think he is too sluggish in this armor…


Lovely work! Admiring the fantastic attention to detail.


Uoooo!!! thats great concept and realization!, very compliment! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys! Really appreciate it! :beer:


Great work buddy, again and again! :scream:


Great work Hasan. Love all the details, very professional work!


Fantastic detail and design!!!


Regeneratron : Thanks man :slight_smile:
InTerceptoV: Thanks Toni :slight_smile: Your work has always been a huge inspiration!
Seid: Thanks buddy :slight_smile: Means a lot to me!



 I must say the concept of the cyborg and the Ninja in one box was really cool. and "NO COMMENTS" about the detailing. Love it.



thank you so much! :buttrock: