Daenerys Targaryen - critique


Hi guys! I hope you can help me to improve this one or give some advices for next paintings. I thought this is finished but I’m not totally glad for how it looks. I stopped in this place and I can’t improve it anymore and someone with more skills and knowledge than me with some fresh look maybe can help me to do some progress.
I’ll be very glad for every help…
Best regards!


How she’s sitting on the horse looks a bit odd, as if her crotch and thighs are sinking into the horse’s back instead resting on its back. Did you use proper reference?

The readability needs some work. You need to plan your values and lighting so that everything reads clearly. Right now, her right arm doesn’t read very well since its of similar value and color family as the background.

The horse looks a bit small. Daeny is very petite, so even a normal horse would look large next to her.

The lighting looks a bit too flat for a direct sunlit scene. Such lighting always have very contrast and dark form and cast shadows, unless you have a prominent source of bounce light like nearby large surfaces to bounce the sunlight back onto the shadow sides and fill up.


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