Daddy's Girl, Ronnie Olsthoorn (3D)


Title: Daddy’s Girl
Name: Ronnie Olsthoorn
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I would like to show you an image which I recently completed and which received a full page in Ballistic’s latest book Elemental 2.

After I did my first P-51D Mustang image, “Little Friends” over a year ago (seen here in the CG Choice gallery), I got lots of requests from family of veteran pilots and Mustang owners for similar artwork. In the meantime I have finished a couple and here is the first.

The aircraft depicted was flown by one of the top Mustang aces Captain Ray Wetmore. He named the aircraft after his first daughter and went on to score over 22 kills against the German Luftwaffe. Sadly Wetmore died in a flying accident in 1951.

This artwork was made for his daughters and son, as well as the owner of a restored Mustang which flies in the exact colours of Wetmore’s Daddy’s Girl.

Here is a side profile of Daddy’s Girl:

Next year I’ll be back with more Mustang artwork and I’ll also finish my Corsair WIP of course!

In the meantime… Have a merry Christmas and the very best wishes for 2006! :slight_smile:

>> Hi resolution image <<



Awesome my brother 5*
merry Christmas to every one
and happy new year:buttrock:


I love this image. It not only shows the wonderful abilities you have, but it seems like it means alot to the families you made it for. Excellent job!


Wow, nice work you got there, Ronnie!
I love the atmosphere and depth. And the riveted fuselage is so realistic!


Brilliant work! Front page stuff! I like so much, 5stars :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Great work!
I like the material of these plains.
And ofcause the phantastic modeling.
I just…
…:love: I LOVE THE WHOLE SCENE :love:…

5 Stars!


here lemme post this…BLAM front page. You know they should just let you post directly to the front page Skyraider. Top notch as always and I really dig the vertical layout in this. The profile shot reminds me of those great A/C in profile shots i used to gawk at when i was a kid. A great image from sky raider and Kiwi in the same week, mus be christmas. something from arai for new years?

Happy holidays,


That’s really great.
Ok, not the optimal pic for X-mas ^^
But althoug very nice to look!
Well done!

best regards, B3liar


I just wish all plugs were as easy to decide.

Great work!



Planes are awesome, my only complain would be the backgroud sky - it looks bit ‘median-ised’. Yeah, i’m nit-picking :). Makes me want to do some image with planes :wink:


I think this image just topped your Junkers Ju EF 100 image!

The metallic surface looks amazing…with all the little dents, weathering etc…
Plenty of action in this one. Leaves me wondering what’s going to happen in the next few seconds following.



Congrats on the piece :slight_smile:


Brilliant work. Five stars.


Super nice work. The Texturing is great, its like 90% realism and 10% stylized because its clean (but still not too clean).


Amazing work as usual Ronnie! Especially the detailed bump/specular make the image 100% believable.


  • Martijn


Well done Ronnie, it looks Brilliant, profile too !

It came out as good as your Little Friends image which was always going to be hard to top.


Nothing to say.


Congratulations Ronnie, You’ve raised the bar yet again. This is my favourite piece of yours so far !! Great work:applause:


Nice one Ronbon - even made the front page again! :applause:



come on Skyraider , you know you want to do the Kyushu Shinden attacking B-29s next :slight_smile: