d’artiste: Digital Painting tutorial book by Ballistic Publishing


Ballistic Publishing has launched d’artiste: Digital Painting, the first title in our new Digital Artists Master Class series that will feature tutorials from prominent artists tackling all aspects of CG and digital art production. More d’artiste titles will be announced shortly.

d’artiste: Digital Painting is currently bring printed and is now available for pre-order with generous discount and even more when ordering with other books such as EXPOSE’ 2. d’artiste: Digital Painting will start shipping mid-August and will be at SIGGRAPH 2004 at the Ballistic Publishing/Gnomon booth.

>> d’artiste: Digital Painting <<

d’artiste: Digital Painting showcases the work and technical skills of: Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang. Each Master Artist presents their digital painting techniques through a series of tutorials which start with the original concept and step through the painting process to completion. d’artiste: Digital Painting is broken into four sections based around each Master Artist. Artists’ sections include a personal gallery, the artist’s work and thoughts in their own words, a 20-page tutorial section, and an invited artist gallery featuring over 20 digital paintings from some of the most talented digital artists in the world.

Some sample layouts from the book (the whole book is stunning):

Linda Bergkvist’s intro page

Face painting intro

Hair painting step by step

Gallery and Critiques


Hey folk!

Anyone who has had trouble ordering, especially anyone who got error “0I”, should re-try.

If anyone has a problem ordering, you should email either me or sales@ballisticpublishing.com.


Looking great there guys.

awesome work :thumbsup:


ahhh, finally :thumbsup: when will it ship?


If printing and Shipping (by sea to us) all go to schedule:

d’artiste : Digital Painting will ship in about 7-8 weeks.
ELEMENTAL will ship in about 8 weeks.
EXPOS’E 2 will ship in about 5-6 weeks.

We have moved printing to Hong Kong to improve binding quality. However we have experienced some unexpected delays with the new printer. This has pushed back shipping dates by 6 weeks over our original estimates for Machine Phase (now shipping) EXPOS’E 2 and d’artiste : Digital Painting.

We are planning to have 5 titles for sale at SIGGRAPH
d’artiste : Digital Painting
Machine Phase

d’artiste : Digital Painting, EXPOS’E 2 and ELEMENTAL are all at the printers now. We will get show stock sent directly from Hong Kong by FedEx to SIGGRAPH. However, the bulk of the books, from which we fill orders, get sent to us by sea – which takes a further 4 weeks.


Nice news indeed, can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of expose 2 :smiley:


thats awsome… very good news to hear!.

im looking foward to getting my hands on a copy :slight_smile:


I think I should get this one. Maybe this is a stupid question. But… Is the price in US dollar or Australian dollar?


$82 :surprised, too bad…


DWin, on their site they say it’s in Australian Dollars. $82 = something like 40 to 45 euro’s


40, to 45 Euro’s are spmethin like $55.00 US, which is a lil pricy


Boo yeah. Sold.


Yep, the website’s just being updated to make this 100% clear. All prices are in Aussie dollars.

(So if you thought it was in US dollars before, well it’s actually only about three quarters of the figure in US$!!)


are the books will also be available outside US… particularly on the eastern part of the world?:D… sorry for my bad english


TheUnkind: Should do - try and place an order, if you have any trouble email sales@ballisticpublishing.com. (If you only want to check to see if your country is listed, just add something to your cart and click “checkout”. There’s a country drop-down on the first checkout page).


thanks. what i mean is are those books will be available in any bookstores in the future? :slight_smile: … thank you for your reply


Alll Ballistic titles are available internationally (not just the US since they aren’t published in the US). Actually more than half of our resellers are located in Asia (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea).


these are just great~! :buttrock:


Looks like a cool book. I still haven’t decided whether I could bring myself to leave anything with un tel titre prétentieux lying around my living room though.


We ship almost everywhere in the world. If you have a local postal system then we can ship to you.