Cytan Series Of Ships, Emily Tetri (3D)


Title: Cytan Series Of Ships
Name: Emily Tetri
Country: United States
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop

This image is the action shot for the Ronin Cruiser. The entire series of ships is below.

I made these ships for a plugin for a game called Escape Velocity: Nova. It uses prerendered sprites, so there’s no worries about saving polys.

I puroposly made these ships flat. I wanted to see if it was possible to make flat ships that look good. It’s also kind of pointless to spend too much time on up-down oriented ships, since the game is topdown.

I still have to do action shots for all the rest of the ships. I wanted to get a crit on the series as a whole and also how well you think the scene works.



They are cool looking ships! And I love EV:N!


Wow thats really cool…you made these ships up yourself ?..i suck at creating concepts for in organic things so im amazed Very awsome keep up the good work:thumbsup:


WQP: Thanks! And yeah, EV:N is awesome. :slight_smile:

Soon2bAnimator: Yep, I made them up. I actually came up with the concept while I was on vacation. I wanted to try making asymmetrical ships.

Oh, and if anyone viewing this is from the Ambrosia Boards, please don’t spread this around. It’s not super secret or anything, but I wanted to get crits on these ships without everyone seeing them in advance. So don’t ruin the fun. Thanks. :slight_smile:


The designers of these ships were obviously tired of A-symmetrical designs. Nonetheless, I like the ship renders alone, but not the composite. Seems too bryce-ee. But the ships themselves looks nice.

edit: The_Sparky: those aren’t A-symmectrical.


I’m the designer of those ships.

I’m not sure that you know what asymmetry means “not symmetrical” Those are not symmetrical.


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