Cyrus the Great


Last update :
After 3 months i got some times to work on this one. let me know your idea about it.
C&C are welcome. :beer:


Hi guys.
Here is the new project ive been working on for Spring (Noroz) :D. It is about old Iran and its kings (Great Cyrus):love: . The story of the characters Cyrus and his wife will be explained later.
In this project I’ve used 3dsmax, zbrush and Photoshop.
I hope u like it.
C&C are welcome.:slight_smile:

Hamed Katebi

Here is the character


Wow Looking good! May i ask how you have created the cloth? Really like that :slight_smile:

I did notice some strange holes in the clothing just below the “neck”, what will that become?

GreeTz Rik

Ps looking forward to reading the story :slight_smile:


wow hamed it’s very interesting.good characters.keep it up:D


This looks really good so far, I am going to look out for your updates.


Here is the character.


Thanks alot to Mohsen , Ariel .

Ntt : Thank man .
I used a chalky material to test it.At the end I added hair and texture to it.

Im wating for your C&c
Hamed katebi


Very nice work man. Looking forward to seeing his wife too.


Doods wearin some Ancient AirForce One’s

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:


Really good work. Cloths looking awesome. Was Cyrus really wearing that kind of boots? Where is she? Would like to hear the story & will wait to see the updates.


very nice and clean work! some folds of the cloth look a bit strange but other than that


wife - Modeling :3 days


Wife is looking good allready, possibly Cyrus’s hand holding his staff could be a tiny bit bigger. His shoes are fantastic, I wan’t a pair.


Thank my freind for critics.
i hope to make it better with your helpfull c&c. :thumbsup:


Hi .
looks nice. keep going.wait to see the result.
i feel the face needs more work.(hanoz jaye kar dare :wink: )


Looking good i like the sculpting.


Thanks guys :smiley: .
Iam going for face modeling


Hi Guys
Last update : wife face
Modeling : 2 days


Hey, looking really nice.

Lots of nice clean lines, the cloth looks great.

Can’t wait to see it finished.


hey u can will do it up man!
may be fixed uv head , ur relax center is very hight
keep it up.