One example of cyclic star field with MoGraph.


thanks a lot.
is it possible to obtain a static but twinkling starfield ( starry night like Pixar/Dreamworks movies)?


I think it is possible. My example is a simple one about “how to arrange stars”, and it say nothing about “star shape” or “star brightness animation (twinkling, blinking)”.

Then, where is the reference movie about the “twinkling starfield ( starry night like Pixar/Dreamworks movies)”? I have never seen it, unfortunately. Of course, outside of the Internet like “xx minutes of DVD yy” is wellcome.


My question was how to modify your scene file to make a starry night in cinema4d
like these video tutorials made with after effects:


This is updated version of “Cyclic Star Field”.

  1. About shape of the stars, you can easily change it by replacing texture “star_texture.psd” used in 10 star materials “star_xx”.

  2. About twinkling of the stars, also you can easily change it by scaling star polygons by MoGraph effector. Here, I used “Shader effector” and “noise shader” to scale the stars randomly and Cyclic.

In this example, the noise shader is not animated, but only moves with camera. So if stars move relatively to the camera, it should be scaled randomly. And if next cycle stars came to same position where previous stars started, it should be scaled same as previous.

All parameters can be changed from user data of object “stars”.

Note. Generally speaking, there is no twinkle star in space (vaccum). The twinkling is one of “mirage”, and needs air to happen.


thank you very much for the file.
I know that the twinkle effect it’s caused by the atmosphere, but i need this
kind of cartoon fantasy starfield.


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