Cycles or no cycles


Hello everybody,

in the moment I try to work with realistic looking metal surfaces. So I did some tutorials from Andrew Price. The results were pretty good. But Andrew is always working with cycles. And this pulls down the speed of the PC-system. I have tried then to work with nodes. But the results were not so good. Now I’m looking for some tutorials about chrome and shiny metal but without cycles. And I hope to find some informations here in the forum. I work with Blender 2.66.


Isn’t using Cycles or not just a matter of switching that thing in the upper part of the window to “Blender Render” or “Cycles Render”?

Am I missing something?


Yes, it’s just a switch on the top of the working frame of Blender. But as soon as you switch the system to cycles, the PC - system will become slow. Further on you are able to watch the rendered result in realtime. Working with cycles for me is easier then with the standard Blender engine. Somehow the scenes look better. But it also pulls down the PC - speed. Especially if you like to make animation you have to wait much longer for the renders.
And now I try to find a way to copy the benefits of cycles to the standard engine just to get the same results.
Further on it is a little problem to get informations because much is written for the old surface of blender. Blender has changed a lot since 2.5.


well, if you can use your gpu to render with cycles. if not, you dont have to use the preview renderer all the time. make you changes in modeling, texture, light, … and then make a test render

the cycles renderings tend to look better at first approach because its a total different technic then the blender internal. but the old tutorials still apply to BI, you have just to look where these features are now.

you could also try one of the many other renderes out there: Lux , Yafaray , Mitsuba, appleseed, …

each of them has its own strength and weaknesses, its mostly a matter of taste


That sounds like a hardware issue. You may need to double check that your video card and OS configuration is supported.

Also the amount of Memory you have and CPU.


This sounds like a lot of work. But OK, it has to be done one time. So I shall check, test and

@CGI Padawan
My PC-system is pretty new. Especially bought for CG-works. But yes it could be that there
are some hardware problems wich I shall check asap.

Thanks for your understanding.


What hardware do you have? I purchased a second-hand Nvidia 590 (aside from running an AMD 7970 for the viewport) that absolutely screams in Cycles.


OK now,
my PC is a 3 GHz Quad Core system. Videocard is GeForce GTX 460. It’s running on Windows 7, 64 bit Sev.Pack 1. I think it is not so bad for my works.


I have a GTX 460 and cycles runs just fine. I got greedy and bought another a couple of months back however.

If you switch cycles over to your GPU it should run like a dream, although still not quite as fast as BI.


If you use GTX 460 for render the system is lagging because Cycles use 99% of your video card, nothing left for your system.
CPU scales much better, the system reacts faster and you get no lagging.
Render is slower.
You can use Border render with Lock Camera to View (N panel), it is not useful to render the whole viewport.
Many user have 2 video cards, a smaller for display and a stronger for Cycles.
GT 620/30/40 is good enough for display and they start around 50 Euro.
May you have a integrated video chip, my HD 4000 comming with i5 work very well with Blender/Cycles.

Cheers, mib.


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