Cycles now available


So how does Cycles in C4D compare to AMD ProRender in terms of rendering speed?

I tried Cycles in Bforartists and ProRender in R19 Demo. Cycles seemed a bit faster on the crappy GTX 850M GPU I tested on.

Of course ProRender is new and not yet optimized. AMD may squeeze a lot more speed out of it in the future.


The 2.79 update made a lot of improvments to OpenCL in Blender / Cycles, and I believe that specific version was included in the most recent Cycles4D update this past summer. Really the answer to “is there hope” just depends on how much more the Blender people do with Cycles but what is it that OpenCL supports as a technology that Cycles4D doesn’t that you’re looking for?. I think it’s pretty close to parity with the CUDA implementation at this point but I could be wrong.

A different question might be: are the specific GPUs you want to use, supported by Cycles… that I don’t know.


Thanks for the info, i’m new to this 3d world can anyone please tell me how’s this better than the render come as default with c4d? Thanks


I guess my confusion comes in comparing the Blender Cycles documentation to the cycles 4d documentation (which doesn’t mention R19). On the blender site, they say that current AMD cards are supported, including the RX580 in the iMac (they don’t mention the iMac, only the AMD card). On the Cycles 4d documentation, it mentions that Apple’sOpen CL driver has issues and Cycles 4d may crash on a Mac running AMD hardware because of it. They suggest trying it out, and to use CPU rendering as a fallback.

Add to that nVidia Apple driver has an open CL bug when it comes to R19’s ProRender. The Mac is really stuck in that weird place hoping for the stars to align.

Ah, the joys of being a Mac user! This system is no nice and stable otherwise. :wink:


c4d has diferent renderers on board. standard, physical and now in R19 prorender.
Standard and physical are CPU based. prorender and cycles GPU. and besides that standard and physical have the deepest interation in cinema 4d, this is the main difference.
you can finde a lot of info about cpu vrs. GPU rendering in the net.