Cycles now available


Thanks for the info Chris. Impressive fluid video. Are those XParticle fluids?

Since posting the question I downloaded the demo. I’ve got an IMac with a Radeon which doesn’t tolerate the realtime preview in OpenCL, but on my older nvidia MacBook Pro it’s blazing fast running cuda.

I’m very impressed with how well they’ve integrated the program, so will probably do some more tests today and decide. I love the nodes.


Ah no, sorry - Realflow/C4D

I’ve got the same MBP I think, with the 750M NVidia card, it runs rings around the Mac tower in certain apps, this was a big part of the decision to jump to Windows.


Unless Apple does something right for 3D in the next year my next pc will probably be Windows. Seems to be the trend around here. Fortunately most of the software I use is cross-platform licensed. I think the biggest problem will be Adobe CS6 Creative.


Wow, that’s cool. 1-2 min per frame on 2 Titans makes me wonder if this is doable for someone like me, as I don’t have the budget for two titans.

I was considering a new PC (overclocked 7700k) with either 1x GTX 1080 or 2x GTX 1070s, but I don’t know which would give me the biggest bang for the buck.


RealFlow the app, not the plugin, correct? The latter got panned a bit for being half-baked / not stable after it came out. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary since. Unfortunately.


No the plugin. It’s fine for simple stuff like this, quick and fluid (ho ho), the problems come when you move on from simple splashy stuff to trying to achieve specifics, like retiming, or remeshing cached sims. And the crashing is depressingly cross-platform.


I get that it’s designed for small scale sims but the crashing you mentioned is what I was alluding to mostly. Hard to get things done if the thing is constantly crashing. Surprised they haven’t issued any statements or updates (AFAIK) — so far I haven’t read anything about a fix.


how’s cycles going for you? still like it?

just purchased it so now trying to catch up on all the back posts about it… seems quiet for a bit from users about it…

anybody got some new tests to show? anyone using it in some types of production?




nice! how’s it render on CPU vs the GPU? can you choose which when running in C4D? or does it default/grab GPU if it exists first?




I have it on Mac and so the AMD cards don’t help that much. I choose CPU and the render times are reasonable. I have done GPU renders but it’s a little flakey. For greater acceleration you need to be using Nvidia cards and CUDA. You can change how you want it to render so only GPU, only CPU or a mix of both. Also the interactive preview can be tuned to be either GPU, CPU or both.


I’m currently a bit frustrated with inSydium’s licensing functionality. I purchased the 5-pack on a nice promo they offered, which should give me 8 nodes. Despite using just 6 I continually have problems with their system thinking I’m out of seats.


They just posted this webinar for motion designers. Looking forward to hopefully learning some new tricks to get more out of Cycles on my trashcan.


Outstanding webinar.


If you haven’t already done so you need to get in touch with our user support about this. We can’t resolve licensing issues in a forum but we can help sort out the problem if you contact us.



I had some dialog w/your tech last week. They were quick to respond and helpful. We apparently entirely didn’t stamp out the issue. I’ll continue the dialog. Thanks for your post.


Did anyone request for a demo recently?
I just did, and on the website it’s stated that the confirmation with link would be sent in a few minutes, but now its already a few hours.
And yes… I did check my spam :wink:

Regards, Robert


We are currently updating our site and systems, once they are back online the registration will come through. It will be later today. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


No worries, I was just wondering if I made a mistake somewhere…

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Is there any hope for fully supported AMD/Open CL rendering coming to cycles 4d? I might be wrong, but I think Open CL rendering in blender is now feature complete.

Really my main hope is being able to simultaneously use the internal AMD GPU (on the iMac my company just bought) along with an eGPU box in the future. I’d love to make use of the internal RX580 and hope it isn’t dead weight.


So how does Cycles in C4D compare to AMD ProRender in terms of rendering speed?

I tried Cycles in Bforartists and ProRender in R19 Demo. Cycles seemed a bit faster on the crappy GTX 850M GPU I tested on.

Of course ProRender is new and not yet optimized. AMD may squeeze a lot more speed out of it in the future.