Cycles for C4D


Maybe this one can be interesting for Mac users, AMD OpenCL GPU and CPU render engine. Seems it will be open source.


just remember that if you leave the trashcan rendering with gpu overnight it will most likely melt and die on you…

its not designed to be at full load constantly.

this is not first hand, but info from people who have worked with them. so grain of salt and all that. Thought seeing as its in such a tiny space im not surprised.


Sure reads like they will be. Inevitably we will continue to run up against the question of what OpenCL support means vs. CUDA (simiar to what was discussed earlier in this thread relating to Cycles and all the features missing on OpenCL even though it is supported), but any progress is good progres.


All right so I didn’t miss anything. Nice. Eager to see what kind of speed ups (even if via sneak-peak demo they show) this Cycles ecosystem can provide to XP when previewing looks.


Please refrain to post such uninformed stuff.
Thermal design is excellent, I’ve run full load CPU+2xGPU for many many hour running Photoscan and beside of the fan RPM going up under load there’s really nothing to worry about.
Also, any computer(Mac, PC, desktop, laptop or server) will never melt down simply because CPU/GPU throttle themselves and eventually the OS shut the system down long before you can experience thermal damage. I assume you should be aware of this since you are reviewing hardware and software.


Please refrain to post such uninformed stuff.

You cannot expect any machine to prevent thermal damage. Most machines will shut down due to failure caused by heat but not to prevent damage unless specifically designed for that purpose. My own machine requires babysitting since it never shuts down at high temperatures and so do many other PCs. Many components are not internally monitored and are prone to failure at any time. Which is “the OS” that magically prevents damage before we experience it?

It is quite a shame that the trashcan can never run at full power since it throttles after one minute of 100% load. It was a poor design decision against the nature of desktop PCs. Small space, bad ventilation, bad advection. Well, we know that people who are serious about production use machines that are actually meant for performance and are worth their price.


Neither windows nor mac, on Intel its built in in the processor. Usually, an auto-reset is the first sign its overheating. It cant meltdown.

edit… Old processors can.


im sure it’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t leave a plastic can running at 100C overnight though… that seems like a fire hazard…


Neither would I, though how this applies to the Mac Pro, which is made of solid aluminum, I couldn’t guess…


In the detailed reviews (like Anandtech) the only situation where it throttles is an unrealistic “power virus” workflow with two simultaneous drains on the CPU and GPU. For all its other faults, we’ve never seen throttling in our lab of trashcan MacPros over the last 2 1/2 years, under heavy Mental Ray and C4D render situations.

And besides, why complain about throttling when it is evidence of exactly what you are claiming doesn’t happen: a system intelligently avoiding thermal damage in extreme situations. Better than “babysitting” your machine, no?


then awesome :smiley: i guess they are just unsubstantiated rumours.


If someone at cycles is listening, it would be great to include cinema 4d shaders support (variation and thin film), this will make a huge difference from arnold / octane who doesnt have full support.


EVERY modern cpu and gpu, when it begins to reach the thermal limits of where it can safely run, will automatically scale back the frequency and voltage in several steps until the chip reaches its safe working range. If scaling back the voltage and frequency is insufficient to stop the temps rising, the system will hard shut down to prevent the system from entering a temperature range where damage can occur.

Typically the throttle range is when the chip hits around 90c, if the temps rise past 100-110 then the system will shut itself down to prevent damage. This has been the case on every mac, pc and christ, every mobile phone, made for the past decade. This all has virtually nothing to do with the OS and is a function of the low level motherboard, bios and cpu architecture so will happen regardless of which OS you decide to run on top.

You say your computer doesnt shut down at high temps, what do you consider to be high temp, and what makes you think it isnt throttling to prevent it? Also, just what components are you worried about overheating? the gpu, cpu, ram and motherboard controllers all have built in thermometers to measure their temps and take appropriate action, none of the other computer components are generally capable of creating enough heat that monitoring is even required.

As for the trashcan throttling or overheating, Ive never heard of it. Perhaps its possible to make it throttle with artificial stress apps run across both gpus and cpu simultaneously, but whether any real world app is capable of doing this is another matter.


Arnold had thin film before C4D got it… various thin film options and the variation shaders can be used via user data as well… not sure what you mean though.


I meant, to not have to recreate the shaders into arnold, because I have some old projects with a lot of materials and I had to redo them.


you’re probably going to have to recreate them in any engine. Every engine is different and has different material systems. building material converters beyond basic features like colors and bump maps gets more and more difficult. It’s unlikely any developer will go to those lengths. Also material conversions slow down render preparation time. :frowning:


The majority of 2D C4D shaders can be rendered in Vray; not sure of about the new thin film though (as I believe it’s considered a 3D shader).



Anyone heard anything new? Still keeping an eye out for the vaunted newsletter. :slight_smile:

[Not a Cyles update per se but they did release 3.5 Update today, which includes Cycles compatibility… so there’s that. : ) Although for some reason, the area where update information is rendered inside the updater window is just solid white now —*was before the update too. I might have a corrupted install or something.]


Did you see our tweet?

The latest newsletter will be along shortly to all those who have signed up :slight_smile: more Cycles 4D information will begin to roll out.


I’ve missed this one, luckily other user have already answered and explained why you are 100% wrong:)