Cyclamen, Michael Raaflaub (2D)


Title: Cyclamen
Name: Michael Raaflaub
Country: Switzerland
Software: Photoshop

My Dominance War IV entry for the CGSociety team.

Since the Norms were pushed back entirely to their cities, they reinitiated an old nature magic. It enables them to eliminate their foes already far in the heartland. Since this magic demands the sacrifice of a newborn human being, it was forbidden ages ago and disappeared into oblivion. Only the great despair that came with the beginning of the Fourth Dominance War gave reason to revive the disputed magic.

Race: Norm
Class: Clericon

Right after birth, the newborn child must be poisoned with a cyclamen and left in a magical stone circle on a hill in the heartland. After some months, nature takes posession of the child and grants him tremendous power – the power of nature and life. Part animal, part human, part plant, the cyclamen grows out of the soil. A single glance is enough to transform the life energy of the attacker into nature’s energy.



Very nice Job !
( I’m not sure if the moose like antlers are adding value )


Beautiful, rich work Michael, and deserves a lot more attention. You’ve captured a real sense of magic here. Phil[right]


Beautiful work!
Personally I would have pushed those bleuish/turqouisish colors a little bit further to contrats even more with the overall geen/brown colors.
There’s really a great magical feeling in the pic!!!


looks cool, I like the colors :slight_smile:


beautifull work michael,
love the story behind it, you nailed it!!! :slight_smile:

keep up the good work


Save image. Beautiful work :thumbsup:


I love the sky on this one. It almost looks like you are underwater. Great atmosphere and mood. Great work!


Seriously…Looks so woww…and the concept is just great.:smiley:


Absolutely incredible! From the beautiful backstory to the gorgeous painting, I love all of it.


GREAT work!!
Best regards, Selwy


wow, very inspiring! thank you for sharing! :thumbsup:


This is really awesome! Very inspiring indeed! Nice imagination you have :buttrock:


Wow killer work Michael…i love it!!! :arteest:


great image. best picture i have seen lately. love the concept, love the atmosphere! so very fresh and inspiring… deserved frontpage :wink:


Love the detail and light. Cool character design too.


This is incredible really you deserve an award!


people like you will always be losers :drool:
NAaa, just kidding, you are really amazing. this so is unique stuff, loved it thanks for sharing.


Very cool work and nicely executed :slight_smile:


congrats on the front page! Great work as I have said before!