-"!cyborg, Robin Benes (3D)


Title: -"!cyborg
Name: Robin Benes
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max

my last work…done with 3dsmax7,rendered with brazil r/s 1.2.All textures done in photoshop CS


P.S.-i cant post here any wireframes - my HDD crashed and all my works are off.

i´ve got only few textures which i recovered from my disc

sorry for my bad english


Real sweet. I love how his eyes are glazed over. You should check out the art for Warhammer 40k. This piece makes me think of their tech-priests.


Tes is back :wink:


Pretty cool design!


pekny model textury nemam co dodat pekne. pekne vypeceny kyborg :wink:


Good work, i like these themes…


yeah tes,i love that beast,damn,so emotive… what’s the reason of that low rating here??? 3 votes - rating 1 ??? damn… you’ve got 4 stars from me my man! great work:thumbsup:


thx guys for yours good replys!!!im happy that you like it… :slight_smile:
Furo-thank you man :))


Nice one! I especially like the eyes of the “creature”, very deep feeling to them! :thumbsup:


The character looks alot like the one i’m “designing” in my head, you know telepathy?


really nice work, congrats, but the nose bit was bothering me, or at least distracting me, it seems a bit wrong, too linear or something, but otherwise, very very nice…


Cool character. 4 stars from me. :thumbsup:


thx guys!!!you makes me really happy :slight_smile:


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