cybergirl modelling practice


hey everyone, I haven’t modelled in ages so I thought I’d give it a go again.
This girl is supposed to be my interpretation of a webbot, yes… a webbot. As to give her a face etc. I got of to a rough start but I’m getting there I think. Here’s the face as it is so far.

latest update:

edit: here’s a wireshot from the viewport.


lil update :cool:


looking good, but her around the eyebrows looks strange.


thanks man, I’ll see if I can make it look more nmatural, difficult at the angle the eyes are at now though.



ok here’s a little update on the torsso

Shot at 2009-07-31

Shot at 2009-07-31


What exactly is a webbot? I wouldn’t want to give feedback without knowing what you’re actually going for here.

The body’s starting to look pretty good to me although I would soften that line down her middle a bit. Again, I don’t know what you’re going for here.

Changing the background color I think would help your model stand out a bit. She seems to be in a purple haze to me.


thanks for the help Jeebus, I tried softening the line a bit and modelled some more. I also switched to mental ray for rendering, haven’t learnt enough about the sss fast skin material so bear with me on that a bit.

The webbot btw, is just an automated program on the server of another forum that replies on its own, an ai so to say. The challenge is to put ‘a face on her’. :argh: That’s why she looks a bit alien right now, can’t decide on slant eyed or normal eyes yet. Would love some feedback on what you guys think of the face right now. Thanks in advance and for checking. :slight_smile:


worked on the back and added a belly button :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great so far Jan!! just be careful of the vertical seam in the middle :wink:


took care of the seam my using symmetry modifier instead of mirror. Still learning a lot lol.



WOW dude she is looking really good. i really like how the face is turning out.


thanks man, updates soon… :wip:


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