Cyber Whale - all in ZBrush


It started in ZBrush, and will stay in ZBrush until the topology is drawn and textures exported. I just randomly stretched, pulled and planed a sphere in DynaMesh (started with project file Dynamesh 128) and then…um…froze work to take some renders to put up here. What I ended up with resembles a massive starship cruiser/carrier that resembles a whale. Here’s what I did, or how I went about it-

[li]It started in Dynamesh 128- with a simple sphere.[/li][li]Three brushes were used most of the time- move, clay buildup and HPolish - and at times I used Polish, and Dam Standard for the cuts.[/li][li]A cylinder as well as two fins were inserted.[/li][li]All action on a single polygroup.[/li][/ol]

Now, I’ll need expert advice on how to take this forward. I strongly prefer the techniques used by (particularly) Ryan Kingslien and Mike Jensen, who started from a primitive in ZBrush, with no box-modelling aid. Here are my targets-

[li]Make at least one division, marked by a different colour[/li][li]Sharpen all the edges that I want hard, and make the cuts sharper[/li][li]Add a ‘burst’ or gradient coat of paint on the top half[/li][li]Rework the topology for export to OBJ format.[/li][/ol]


it’s really dark … can you repost with a fill color more light?


I agree with Scote. I can’t really appreciate the model.


I’ve changed the shader to something brighter, so that it’s easier to look at. If you want to see close-ups, I’ll add those too.


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