Cyber Female


hello everybody

I started a new model reusing an old geometry I used for modeling a very busted female.
With Blender and a lot of patience I added the details using the new Dynamic mesh tools and a lot of boolean operations until I reach a cyber look. Then with Gimp I added some details to improve the image and study a sort of final mood for the image,
Now I start with the retopo session, and I think it will take a long time.
Comments and critics are very welcome, hope you like it!


I’ve started the retopo process, and the head is quite complete. There are a lot of details to add, but I think that it’s quite ok as overall volume ad details. Keep on retopologizing.
Hope you like it.
As always comments and critics are very welcome.


Hey man,

 I really like the concept and the design, but your edge loops are a little uneven. 
 Try to keep your polys as even sized as possible so things smooth evenly, and don't be afraid to use creased or hard edges. 


I like where this is going! The hands seem a bit small in relation to the body. Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much for your critics, I really appreciate them.
The hands and feet are completely different from the rest of the body, quite undesigned, but they will be correct during their retopo phase.
I’m trying to correct the non squared poligons of the face, but with this type of volumes is really difficult, at least for me!
See you soon with a new retopo update!


Finally after 4 month a major update. The retopo work is growing, but there are still issues to correct. Comments and critics are always very welcome.
Hope to have another up as soon as possible.


It confuses me, seems that your cybergirl will be unable to bend her torso at all. Armor from armpit all the way down to the crotch is one single piece of metal. Same problem present, to some extend, in the neck.


oh jesus. oh jesus. Darth-Biomech you’re incredibly right and I’v been incredibly blind about that problem. Thank you so much for your advice, big funcional modifications are coming…


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