CV-Dynamic Connector


Yes please! This is a fantastic addition.


Those guys are killing it lately, love it!




Great work Donovan!


Thanks for the kind words. I’m very excited to see what folks create while using it. Please share any images/videos of your experiments (or thoughts) to this thread!


Quick question:
Are the tools in the Cineversity Toolbox considered plugins and are they required on render farms such as Zync?


They are plugins; that’s what allows them to be released piecemeal, and not as part of an official release. Render farms will need to have them installed, so you can either make it editable (as is seen briefly in the initial tutorial video) which makes all the dynamic connectors visible in the viewport, or you can bake out the whole animation as an alembic.


Thanks Luke! That’s what I thought.
Having fun already, Donovan!


You are smoking!


Oh yeah, lots of uses for Scientific Visualization. I just used it to create a visualization of the Polymerization process and with the addition of a few spring objects I was able to even simulate cross-linked polymer chains. Try turning off gravity in your project and using particle forces, lots of happy accidents!


This is a very nice plugin, looks very intuitive, and really makes cinevercity boast its value, thankyou.



just a little limitation I have been running into - I can´t use a tracer in connect objects mode on CV Dynamic connector as I can using on a cloner with dynamic tag to get dynamic ropes etc.
Would be great if this could work with CV Dynamic connector as well …


Hi Lothar, thanks for the feedback! I could be wrong, but after a bit of investigation, it doesn’t seem there’s anything I can do to add support for the Tracer object. It’s got custom written support for Cloner objects, but not for generator objects in general. The tracer object would need to add support for virtual hierarchies (try using a tracer with an Array object for example - that doesn’t work either), I don’t think there’s anything I can do on my end.


thanks for your efforts and information. At least cv dynamic connector is nice helper for such a setup. If I make it editable and trace the single objects, I can have a dynamic rope as desired


Very nice plugin Donovan, working with is really funny.
Not sure if my setup is wrong, but I think plugin in Box Edges mode don´t work corretly in case clones are cloned in Z direction instead of X (Y wasn´t tested yet) and cubes are slightly rotated/approximated in needed axis.

Better explained in attached scene


Try selecting and rotating the connector object under the CV-Dynamic Connector object. That should allow you to adjust how they Hinge. I tried to automate it with the align option, but even that is wrong 2/3 of the time (there is no “right” way to orient a Hinge unless you can read the user’s mind).