Cutting a model


I’m working on a project where I have to divide a model up into several pieces, I will have to do this with many models. I’m looking for a way to divide the model and close the hole automatically. In other words, I want to chop a model in half as if it were made out of solid clay rather than a hollow shell. I have been patching the holes, but this is slow and tedious.
I’m using 3dsmax but I’m willing to buy another program or plugin to do this if it isn’t too costly.
I hope this question isn’t too confusing, I can post an illustration if it will help.


3D max has a modifier called “cap holes”, it’s a quick solution, might not be the cleanest.


Thanks, I have tried the cap holes modifier, but it never seemed to be able to figure out what hole I wanted capped. It could be that the models are too complex or the holes are too large. I even tried selecting the edges around the hole first, but that didn’t help. I did discover that truspace 5’s boolean modifiers treat the object as if it is solid, so that the holes are automatically patched, so I guess I’ll export the object out to truspace to make the cuts. It’s a shame the other programs don’t seem to have this option, it would seem to be a really simple solution. I really like the idea of being able to subtract from an object, like a sculptor working from a solid block of clay.


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