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I could not have said it better myself…

BTW I will be adding the votes tonight…

You guys got 24 hours from the time of this post to vote.



[li]Best WIP thread - Johannes Becker - For the cool advertising-style presentations in his thread.[/li][li]Best Attention to Detail - Donald McNicholl - How do you put that many gears in so small a space? Also, it looks like it would work if you put it back together again![/li][li]Best Vehicle - Huang Liangyu - Its a tight one between this and Johannes’ Mech, but I think Huang’s looks slightly more like a real one taken apart, but I admit its a tight call.[/li][li]Best Diorama - Menthena Schmidt - I just love how such a fantastic subject has been brought to life. Its what Cut-aways should be all about. I’ve never seen the series before, but it just looks alive. [/li]
[/ul]and the big one of course:
[li]Best Model - Ross Mansfield - Wow! [/li][/ul]


Best Attention to Detail
Max Kogan (This would easily have been Best Model for me if it had been a cutaway!)

Best WIP thread
Wyatt Harris

Best Model
Donald McNicholl


Best Attention to Detail
Max Kogan

Best WIP thread
Wyatt Harris

Best Model
Ross Mansfield


Best WIP thread - Wyatt Harris
Best Attention to Detail - Wyatt Harris
Best Vehicle - Johannes Becker
Best Diorama - Menthena Schmidt
Best Model - Ross Mansfield


Ok here are the results:

[b]Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

[b]We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks[/b]
80’s Cartoon Tribute

OK we have the winners:

[li]Best Attention to Detail [/li][color=darkorange]Wyatt Harris

[li]Best Vehicle [/li][size=2][color=darkorange][color=darkorange]Huang Liangyu[/color]

[li]Best Diorama[/li][b][size=2][color=darkorange][color=darkorange]Menthena Schmidt

[/ul]and the big one of course:

[font=Verdana]Best Model & Best WIP thread


Johannes Becker
This is my main final entry image. It should capture the style of an advertising in a magazine for Mechwarriors or a poster or something like that. Keep in mind, that the Battletech is quite an old invention, and my ad should match in there.

Please click image for high res version. Please click here for ultra high version

Another beauty Image i want to show is a stylization done by a friend of mine in photoshop, based on the clay render, which will be linked further down.

Please click image for higher resolution version.
So credit for this colored image goes to Ricard “Fernest Hall” Anufriev. Great thanks, mate.

Other Images
Plain Clay Render:

Please click image for high res Version. Please click here for ultra high version
naked (without armor on torso, left leg and arm)
back bottom
closeup midplate
torso internals


Ok, this was my first try with shadow maps in an animation. I messed up something, so they are flickering. But i think i now learned how to set them up correctly.
Turntable with Shadow Maps (Quicktime mov)
Turntable with Ambient Occlusion (Quicktime mov)

WIP Thread…?f=208&t=704604

My Entry is a cutaway of the Vulture (Mad Dog) Battlemech, known from the Battletech Universe and Mechwarrior Games.

As Reference i mainly used the “blueprint” from FASA, which illustrate a half cutaway vulture from orthographic front view. As additional reference for the 3D look of the model i used Artworks mainly from…ver@800x600.jpg…utaway@full.jpg
Thanks to Hypernaut and the community for some references, especially to Vulture_MaxPaint, who helped me to some high res images of the blueprint.
More references can be found here:…Mech_Technology
And of course, the original Blueprints from FASA:…28484284&sr=8-1

Programs i used for this entry are: Maya, Mental Ray and Photoshop.
I think i worked on an average 2 to 3 hours a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) on this entry, barring the last two weeks, where i had nearly no time for this.

Thanks for watching! Thanks for all your comments and thanks for that great challenge!

mod note:
Well done guys…


__________________________________________________ _______
Here are the vote counts:[/font]

Best Model - Johannes Becker -12 Votes
[li]Ross Mansfield - 7 Votes [/li][li]Wyatt Harris-2 Votes[/li][li]Menthena Schmidt - 2 Votes[/li][li]Max Kogan - 1 Vote[/li][li]Donald McNicholl - 1 Vote[/li][/ul]Best WIP thread - Johannes Becker - 15 Votes
[li]Menthena Schmidt - 5 Votes[/li][li]Wyatt Harris - 4 Vote[/li][/ul][color=darkorange]Best Attention to Detail - Wyatt Harris- 10 Votes
[li]Johannes Becker[font=Verdana][/font] -4 Votes[/color][/li][li]Menthena Schmidt- 3 Votes[/li][li]Ross Mansfield- 2 Votes[/li][li]Donald McNichols - 3 Votes[/li][li]Max kogan - 3 Votes[/li][li]Huang Liangyu - 1 Vote[/li][li]Raymond Ore - 1 Vote[/li][/ul]Best Vehicle - Huang Liangyu - 13 Votes
[li]Johannes Becker - 5 Votes[/li][li]Menthena Schmidt -3 Votes[/li][li]Max Kogan- 1 Vote[/li][/ul]Best Diorama - Menthena Schmidt - 11 Votes
[li]Huang Liangyu - 4 Votes[/li][li]Johannes Becker -2 Votes[/li][li]Simon Joyce - 3 Votes[/li][li]Max Kogan - 1 Vote[/li][li]Wyatt Harris - 1 Votes[/li][/ul]


Yippiee :bounce: Great thanks to all of you. And congrats to all of you too, and we all have a nice piece for our Portfolio :thumbsup:
That was a great challenge, Roberto, keep them up! :applause:


Thank you all :smiley: It was a great experience. I hope you all get what you wanted from the challenge.



Thank you guys. Congrats to all of you.
See you in the next challenge


congrats to all who participated. great effort by you all …:arteest:


Congratulations to Johannes for taking the trophy and to the others for their “Best” placings. Terrific work.
I’d also like to say a ‘thank you’ to those who gave me a vote and who offered encouragement along the way.


It’s funny Johannes. My boss is an old school Battletech pen&paper guy and he looked over my shoulder at your entry and asked “Oh wow, who made the vulture?” You definitely nailed it, congratulations.

Thanks everyone for the great contest. I never thought I’d hold a candle to the level of competition shown here. To actually win one of the categories, well I guess all the hard work was worth it. Thanks again, I look forward to many more great challenges.


Grats guys!
Everyone had great entries.


I had to admit, that was a bugger of a challenge. Congratulations to all catagory winners!:thumbsup:


Hehe, what a cool coincidence, Wyatt, and its cool he liked it. I already hat one “hardcore-battletech-fan” complaining about the advertising-style-presentation, because the Vulture is a Clan-Mech and apparently clan-companys don’t advertise, though i don’t know, why they shouldn’t. Anyway thanks for the comment, its always nice to know that people like ones creation :smiley:




congrats to the winners! Very well deserved :slight_smile:


Congrats you guys, great work!!


Liked a lot this thread!!!:beer:

Quality work!!!




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