Cut hole for mouth cavity


I’m fairly new to Wings so bear with me. I’m trying to work my way through a simple poly head to better learn the workflow.

One thing i’m wondering is whats the best way to create my mouth cavity in the head. Normally when I created a poly head in Maya, I would delete a face leaving a hole for the mouth cavity. I would curl the surfaces of the lips in so they would seem full, then I would create a separate model for the teeth and gums and place that inside.

I think I understand that Wings is a ‘solid’ modeler, and you can’t delete faces and leave holes in this manner.

Is is possible to create the mouth cavity in Wings, similar to the way I mentioned in Maya? Perhaps theres a better option that someone could recommend?



I think you will have to do it in one piece.
Sadly you can’t hide individual face right now, so you best bet will be probably to extrude the mouth to the outside and move it later in the right position.


Like JK says,extrude inwards…

Note that if you do so,use the Extrude Region so the Virtual Mirror doesn’t create an edge between the two mirrored parts.


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