Customized, Ibrahim Bouchrika (3D)


Title: Customized
Name: Ibrahim Bouchrika
Country: Belgium
Software: Illustrator, Modo, Photoshop

This is a personal project I made to add some work to my portfolio. I modeled it in Modo, the materials are tweaked materials that I got off Vertexmonkey. The Textures were made with Illustrator/Photoshop. Post processing including the DOF was done in Photoshop. The Ambient Occlusion pass was also added during Post processing.

Constructive criticism would be much appreciated, since I like learning as much as I can from previous mistakes! :wink:


I love this picture it’s really well done.

It’s got excellent composition in form and color, a humorous idea with an

engaging character, took me a while to notice he’s drawn his own smile :slight_smile:



So cute char!!


This is an awesome render. Great job.


Nice work.


Excellent work overall. The color composition really appeals to me.

My only critique might be how solid, smooth and saturated the lines are on the carpet. In real life, the ink would not be quite that sharp, solid, smooth and saturated on a carpet.

On the other hand, if this is the future (hence a robot being the central figure), I can suspend disbelief that “Sharpies” in the future have a “super-ink” that literally draws a layer on anything you use it on! :cool:



Haha, thanks all!

And KingOfTheBumps, you are right! That is exactly what I meant doing! These ARE Sharpies from the future! :wink:


haha, nice !


Sweet character, love the drawn mouth bit :slight_smile:
Render quality is awesome, and the overall image looks nice!
Only complaint is the carpet as KingOfTheBumps noticed…


What a cute concept. I can just see Mama Robot’s reaction. lol The drawn on smile is just right.


Really nice render… and especially the character:)
The only thing that I would add is some stuffed animals, toys, maybe some sorts of balls behind the character… just to fill the scene more…
But even without it, this is a great image…


very nice rendering, great character! Love the light and colors.

My only crit: I think the camera POV could have been better. Pointing directly into a corner, and the corner itself being in the center of the image behind the main characters head… not optimal, IMO.


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