Customizable 3D Human Model


Hello dudes and dudettes,

I am currently modeling a male body for game purpose. In that game, the physical appearance can be modified by the player, therefore, I will change the mesh several times to propose various anatomies.

Can you tell me what you think about my current mesh and what you think I must change to fit the goal ? It must not be too heavy since the game have to be has light as it can.

Currently, the mesh is divided in 4 parts : head / chest / legs / arms
but later there will be more divisions

The overall body is 3080 tris.

Do you think my mesh is clean and malleable enough ? (please do not take care to the UVs problems as it is not the final uvs)

Click to enlarge the image.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Around the ears and under the chin/neck line could probably flow better and give a more efficient mesh for very little extra geometry.
Can you post close-ups of the hands and fingers also?


thank for your reply :slight_smile:

Currently I cannot seem to find a good way to finish the back of the jaw, if you have any idea please tell me (you can just draw some lines with paint on the pic I sent before, or try to explain it). About the ear, it is a position that is not to be animate so it is not that important.

Here is a close up on the hand :

I don’t need much details on the hand, just need it to be anim-able.


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