Custom Toolbar/Scripting question


I’ve created a toggle script and dropped it onto a custom toolbar- but I’m wondering if I can somehow define an “off” and “on” state for the button. I’ve created two images to indicate the button’s state, but I’m only aware of one method to set a button’s bitmap: through the customize button interface. Is there a way to change it via scripting? That way I could just do something like this:

SetOn() {
   // change button on toolbar
 SetOff() {
    // change button on toolbar

On that note- is there any way to get rid of XSI’s default button border for custom toolbars? Not really super important, but as far as esoterica goes it would make me a happy camper :wink:


moving this to the xsi programming forum where it belongs :slight_smile:


ah, my bad… didn’t see it up there.

so yeah, question still stands- anybody who can be of assistance would be greatly appreciated :smiley:


I’d like to know this answer this question, as well.


gonna give this one a bump before I give up entirely


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