Custom Primitives Requests?


Hey all,

By request, we’re planning on adding some more custom primitives to the next Silo release. Better yet: we got an awesome offer from a talented 3D artist to create some for us!

SO–here is the question for all of you: What kinds of primitives (or specific primitives) would be most useful to you to have?

So far, we’re thinking things like: a few different quadripeds, maybe a spider/insect, a generic low-poly vehicle, generic plane/spaceship, generic boat, some organics like flowers/trees… ? What do you think about those? What else?

Let us know!


Here are some other ideas/categories that were proposed to get your brain juices flowing on what you might like. Either to have INSIDE Silo or to have as files that Silo owners can access on our site:

(NOTE: these are NOT in Silo currently, and this is too big of a set for us to start with–it’s just a giant list for brainstorming possibilities. We’re hoping to narrow this down to a doable list based on what is most wanted. Any votes on favorites or new suggestions are helpful.)

Complicated geometry:

  • Closed circle made out of quads
  • Pyramid with beveled edges
  • Grid with a perfectly round gap
  • Quad that transitions in a mesh with added quads (a way to handle UV stretching)

Science-based shapes:

  • Molecules
  • DNA
  • Atoms

Industrial shapes:

  • Drill
  • Gears
  • Screws
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Turbine wheel

Base animals:

  • Generic quadriped
  • Dog/cat
  • Bird
  • Snake
  • Snail
  • Spider/insect

Miscellaneous props

  • Charger
  • Plug/socket
  • Tire/wheel (bicycle wheel with spokes?)
  • Clothing item (shoes or a shirt)
  • Lamp
  • Watch/clock
  • Box
  • Button
  • Zipper
  • Book
  • generic low-poly vehicle, or a couple
  • generic plane/space ship, or a couple
  • generic boat

And perhaps a few organic props:

  • Waterdrop that hits water (splash)
  • Flowers
  • Tree/plant
  • Fruit