Custom Maya's internal settings



I write my own plugin. I know that using MEL I can change to Maya’s settings on a per project or on a systemwide basis.

How I can do it?

For instance, I want to ensure that all users consistently use the same time, angle, and linear units. I want to hide or show UI Elements



if all your systems have access to a common share or drive, say “t:”

you can use a batch script to copy a maya.env file to each of their computers on startup.

then in the env you can define something like :

# Environmental variables for soullessf
MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH =t:/pipelib/plugins/2008;
XBMLANGPATH = t:/pipelib/icons;

and then in the t:/pipelib folder, have a usersetup.mel in which you have all the required units, etc commands like:

// Change the current time unit to ntsc
currentUnit -time ntsc;
// Change the current linear unit to inches
currentUnit -linear "in";

so this usersetup.mel will execute these commands on maya startup…

and in T: drive you can have these folders with respective files, scripts etc… this is just one way of doing it… there could be better ways… but this works for me :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. All ok.

From Spain,



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