Custom Cut Scene Piece


Hey guys

Well its my first post here and I am really glad I seem to have found somewhere which not only deals in 3d art but in animation also!

I am a 3rd year university student doing a dissertation into markerless motion capture. I gave a small presentation a few days ago in which I showed the video below. It is an extremely early draft of a cut scene I am working on inside UDK. The environment assets and cinematic shots/flow of the piece are not being marked but I would love to hear your guys opinions on whatever you think needs improvement.

To clarify, I know there is a lot of work left to do but my lecturers advised that I throw it out for criticism anyway. There are a lot of parts missing (mostly with the orb who yet again isn’t being marked).

Hope everyone has a good day



Overall it seems pretty good, the sphere could use more flowing animation using rotations and shifts in position instead of just the y axis shifts. I think the mocap looked fine, I would just tweak the motion path during the long running sequences so there some variation in the left and right movement instead of a straight path (could be very subtle).


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