Custom Built 3D Workstation


(I know it’s Tom’s Hardware and a bit old, but still of some value if you read critically)


How about getting the AMD Opteron’s instead? Theyre cheaper and generally faster than Xeons.[font=Arial][size=2] AMD’s fastest Opteron 250 processors still not only manage to fend off the Xeon, but in some benchmarks, still can crush the latest and greatest from Intel with ease. While Intel may be the choice for content creation types, the Opteron still wallops the Xeon in terms of memory bandwidth/latency, number crunching, webserver performance, and media encoding. :thumbsup:

The one bad point is that AMD arent picking up the new technologies as they would have liked, but [/size][/font]sure, PCI Express may not do any real good until a year from now, and DDR2 memory in its current form is no better (and appears to actually be worse) than current DDR memory. :rolleyes:




I priced the quadro fx 3000 and its R20 000. Really really expensive. I was looking at the fx 1100 for R7500, which seems like a way better price. What are the major differences between these two cards, besides about R12500? Also what is the quadro fx 2000 like?


The U.S. price for a Quadro 3000 is about $1300 dollars, or 8070 rand. If I recall, the fx 1300 would also be about half of what you listed, here.
Shipping wouldn’t be too bad, as long as there aren’t any monitors being shipped.
You could ship 45 kilos (I doubt that the components alone would weigh anything near this much) for 1,000 rand in 4-6 weeks, or you could pay 2400 and ship it in 4-10 days.


I got all my parts from a supplier in Cape Town and built it up myself to save on costs. I had to buy a large Intel server chassis to house it because the motherboard is very big.

Leigh, I was just wondering what intel server case you landed up getting?


It’s an Intel Pilot Point chassis :slight_smile:


Leigh, you said your system cost about R30000. Did this include a monitor, or just the components like the cpus, mainboard, grfx card etc? I am thining of getting a 17inch LCD screen. the monitor I use at the moment is killing my eyes.


On RAID… Unless you are backing up your data on a consistent basis, you really don’t want to do RAID 0. RAID 0 is gambling with data that sits on the drive for any extended period of time. Since RAID 0 is mirroring, it doesn’t have any drive being redundant of any other drive. This means that you will end up having a controller flake out, a drive dying or a stripe breaking and ALL of your data on that array is just instantly gone. Not a very good scenario.

On SATA being faster than IDE… Currently, one type of drive isn’t technically faster than the other. The SATA drives will become faster as time goes on and areal densities increase as well as HDAs get denser.

If you’re not worried about pricing, put a smallish SCSI drive in for your boot drive and swap file with a larger SATA drive as your apps/storage drive. This likely will add at least $300US to your system costs if you find a decent adapter and small enough drive.


I did buy a second monitor - just an LG Studioworks monitor. But the dealer gave it to me at cost - it was about R800 :slight_smile:


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