curvey lasers


hi guys, look at this -

it’s just 2 tube lights, with a small fall off, lit with 2 different intensities. very simple and basic.

but i want to curve them and bend them in multiple directions. so i pressume the best way is to loft a circle over a spline and slap on a material? well i got my curvey objects, but i cant get a material to emulate the tube lights. it’d be great to bend tube lights.

could somebody have an experiment and see if they could come up with a decent material pls? (no SLA btw, this must be as simple as poss)

or does anybody know an alternative way?


light sabre mat / example

Here is a solution I came up with for a query on making light sabre blades that were renderable in Cinema. Now obviously, it doesn’t match your example here exactly. but it would only take a couple of tweaks of the glow size and colour, and the fresnel on the blade tube to get pretty close I think!? :slight_smile:


could you post up a different link to that image pls? only me and renderosity have never got on together


Never got on? - do you just need to login or register?

Anyway - here is a curvy version edited down a little more to look more like your example.


registered dont know how many times, log in i dont know how many times, it just doesnt seam to like me :frowning:

that material looks like it’s getting there, just maybe the transition between hard object and fall off needs to be more blurred. could you post up the material specs maybe?

what im rendering is streaky car lights taken with long exposures on a camera. know the ones?

thank you


I just closed the file I was workin on! :confused:

Anyway - here is a cropped screengrab that I posted on rendo for the sabre mat - all I did in the example I posted earlier, was reduce the scale of the glow, and make the edge of the fresnel coolours and the glow colour closer together, but with some more tweaking, I think you could probably get what you want. :slight_smile:


thank you m8, i will play with those settings :slight_smile:


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