Curves smooth ?


Hey guys,

I just want to smooth some curves on various animated parameters but in specific segments.
What way would you advise to do this ?

(essentially I have some jitter from matchmove cameras that just need smoothing out, then a little bit of tweaking here and there)


Anyone at all ?
Or am I being a pleb ?



Seriously - does anyone know of a solution, maya is driving me mad (again, and again).


In the graph editor, go to Curves --> Simplify curve.
This can smooth some of the jitter away.

You can specify the timeline length to narrow the affected area down.
But check the options, it seems pretty straight forward :slight_smile:

Hope it helps


Apologies for the delayed reply.

I also just spotted this today - which frankly kicks ass :bounce:


Gotta say, along with Ninja Dojo these tools by Mark are superb.
Bumping for you guys :thumbsup:


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