Curve Control [Scale Point] problem



In this gif image you can see the problem:

In short when the Scale Point is used to scale points with negative Y coordinates those points are moved to the highest negative Y value(set with y_range:[-100,100]). If the scaled points have positive Y coordinates there are no problems.

This is the code:

	rollout ro_TestCurveControl "Curve Control"
		CurveControl cc_test "Curve Control:" height:200 width:400 align:#center numCurves:1 visible:true x_range:[0,100] y_range:[-100,100]
		on ro_TestCurveControl open do
			zoom cc_test #all
			crv = cc_test.curves[1]
			cc_test.curves[1].numPoints = 6
			crv.points[1].value = [0,0]
			crv.points[2].value = [20,-0.2]
			crv.points[3].value = [30,-0.2]
			crv.points[4].value = [60,0.2]
			crv.points[5].value = [70,0.2]
			crv.points[6].value = [100,0]
	createDialog ro_TestCurveControl width:500 height:250


it looks like a bug for me. and unfortunately i don’t see any workaround yet


It happens on all 3ds max versions - 3ds max 2019 too.


And this happens when points below and above the 0 line is selected and scaled: