"Curvature Shader" in Substance?


Does anyone know whether Substance has any sort of native feature which might be similar to the curvature shader inside Arnold?



Yes it does. There’s the Curvature Baker in both Substance Designer and Painter. If you Google it, it’ll come up with the descriptions in the documentation over at Allegorithmic.


Thanks, and yes, I’ve run down some of that info.
I’ve watched a number of tutorials, with people showing the steps inside Painter. However, and I apologize for my obvious ignorance about the entire operation, I’m wondering more about the actual Substance materials, as they would operate inside C4D. Specifically, do you have to go through all of the steps inside Painter or Designer, just to reach that effect for a single model?
Or, is that a “universal” feature of a substance, which could be made to operate on any kind of shape (primitive or imported poly)?

I’m having a hard time understanding whether Substance is more about those custom painting components more than it’s just about specific materials inside (for instance) Cinema.


I’m just learning SP and SD but I don’t believe you can create portable materials with a curvature channel. That would be cool and maybe it will happen in time. Substance Designer is where you create the materials for other programs…and there’s nothing there that I’ve seen for leveraging a mesh’s topology (edges, angle min/max, concavity, etc)

Painter features the ability to paint against such properties…and it does so only after baking out the information needed. SD doesn’t (to my knowledge) do any of that.


I dont use Substance painter for C4D native renderer but for Vray within C4D. While C4D may use a substance file this cant be exported from substance painter, only designer. Substance painter generates several maps that do not get necessarily get exported for all render engines, but are used within substance to generate the final texture maps that do get exported. There are certain filters and effects within painter that can weather or detect edges and they use texture maps that such as curvature, world space, normal space, AO. These maps get generated before you start to paint. Once painting is done using all the effects and filters these get baked down into usable maps such as diffuse, glossy, spec colour, e.c.t. Depending on what preset you use on export is to what maps get generated. Vray dont need a curvature map, yet it used during the baking process to produce the final effects into maps such as diffuse colour.

There is no dedicated preset for C4D but if you do a search your find a few threads that deal with using the maps within C4D. The substance engine within C4D uses the actual substance file so you have the flexability to proceduraly adjust the substance, not something iv used much at all, and as I said I cant export my own substances from painter anyway.



The workflow you’d use is: get your object and UV unwrap it (I use Unfold3D). Import this into Painter and bake the various maps: curvature, normals, thickness, occlusion etc. You can then use this information to paint dirt in crevices, create worn edges, add graduated textures in a certain direction, and so on. You’d then import the model and the texture maps into C4D.

A typical Substance material can’t read the normal information of an object in C4D so can’t apply those effects. However Noseman did a Cineversity video showing how you can build a grunge shader and then link it to an object’s normal map in C4D, so it can apply grunge to any object you select.


Wow, excellent information. Thank you all, very much.
It looks that I might be barking up the wrong tree, with Substance. It looks like the true power comes in the full object painting components (like an actual functioning BodyPaint).
However, I’m really ONLY interested in the powerful and unique abilities of something like the Arnold Curvature Shader.
Darth Mole: Yes, I explored the exact steps laid out in Noseman’s tutorial, but alas, that falls apart quickly with the rigors of complex meshes from imported CAD files from clients. Poly-tris just kill that technique, unfortunately.


Painter is not the only Substance app that can bake curvature maps, Substance Designer can import models and bake their curvature, world position, AO… and use these maps for certain generators inside of a substance, with tweakable parameters exposed, like amount of weathering, 3D noise scale… the substances baked maps are model and UV specific. Useful for tweaking looks of models inside 3D apps and games.

Understand this is not the curvature solution your looking for, wanted to let people know about Designers bake ability.