Currently facing a slow viewport issue..


Hi guys / gals…

Well I having been having a lot of problems with 3ds max 2015 lately…

Especially slow viewports for a big scene… but the file opened in 2012 is no problems… no slow viewports at all…

it slows down after there is a lot of geometry in the scene dont know why??

I solved the proxy issue… see my latest post if you want… just saying this cuz its not a proxy issue…

I will keep a follow up on this post… thanks in advance everyone!


Software - 3ds max 2015
AMD 8 core - 16gb ram
ATI Graphics card 4 gb…


when you say " Big Scene" how large in file size are we talking?..are there textures involved?


the scene is large… yes textures are involved… i have tried switching of the textures for the whole scene with no luck…
same scene working fine in 2012…
in 2015 i am facing viewport lag… lag while tumble… is it something to do with nitrous… if thats the case how do i fix it
are there any other options in max 2015 related to viewing geometry???


not sure what your settings are…but viewport configuration then lower texture maps to 512 might help with the textures. not to mention bkg texture size

also i’m unfamiliar with nitrous performance… it could be your main issue here . Max 2015, if i recall, was supposed to be a step up in performance

i think autodesk assumes as tech gets cheaper, users will up their hardware. and they will adjust their software with that in mind

that said…i should mention the stats of your setup are kind of low. Cards with 12gb and tripling your memory might help.

  1. Re-install GPU driver
  2. Upgrade to 3dsmax 2017, if it is possible, it can handle pretty much heavy geometry, much much better than 3dsmax 2012/13/14/15
  3. Go for Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB.

ATi has never been good in 3dsmax viewport, so, switching to nvidia gtx with 6GB, should be your long therm plan, anyway.
Have a luck!


Thanks for the quick replies… really appreciate it… going to try what you have said… i have a hunch on updated drivers for my gpu!!

Thanks,… i hope its not some new features from 2015