Cup of Tea?


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Many months ago I did a drawing of an arrogant aristocrat during lecture, which, funilly enough, turned out quite satisfying for me. Well, for some reason I never started to model the guy though.

Ok, fast forward to a moment three weeks ago. While doing some stuff for my website I suddenly had an idea for a great cartoon image of a tea drinking aristocrat and his “strange” companion.

Yesterday I finally started to work on the 3D image. Long story short, here is a image of the current state of the 3D model of the english aristocrat/gentleman (way too many of’s):

This model marks the very first one with which I go for a cartoony look. There are still many things left to improve like the ears, the neck and chin.

Since I had some problems to imagine this unfinished model as an arrogant yet shocked artistocrat I did a very fast overlay style painting which resulted in this:

You cannot believe how reliefed I was as I saw that it is going to the right direction and a days work was not completely useless :slight_smile:

I hope you like the beginning so far.


Looks really nice, i cant tell this will be good!

couple of crits, some pinching near the tear duct, and the ears are alittle strange, possibly their features need to be alittle more pronounced.

:slight_smile: Scott


During the last days I almost couldn’t find any time to continue to work on this image, so sorry for the delay.
Today I continued for some minutes and reworked and refined the model a little bit. The ear now looks much better for me and I did some things here and there.
I think I will now move to the next phase which means going back to the main 3D app and adding some clothes to the guy.

Well, enough talking, here is the image:

C&C always welcome. The more the better.


Although I didn’t have very much time last week I was able to continue to work on my model for a little bit.
While I tried to follow my drawing as close as possible I also changes various things as I think they will work better that way. At the moment I am working on a more low resolution to get a good overall shape everywhere. Afterwards i will get into the detail work and refining.

Here’s the current state of my modeling efforts:


I finally found some time to continue working on this image.
I refined some elements of the first character, continued the general modelling and started to create the overall composition of the image.

I bet this will be the first time you will truly understand what I am talking about and what image I want to create, heh? :slight_smile:


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