CUBE - my first short


Please critique, it makes us all better!
Brutally honest is better than sugar coating.


Very nice work there, cool 3D motion graphics style. Well cut together.


Thanks for the comments.
I’m most interested in how viewers take the ending. Was it too short or did it leave the right amount of anticipation?
I’ve thought about adding just a 1/2sec clip or two showing a bit more detail of the creature at the end. Or even in mid jump towards the screen as it cuts out?


Very professional.

Good quality rendering, excellent type faces, use of colour.

Like the ink splat over the cube.


great job!
and as you said, 1~2sec clip or two at the end will be better!


Thanks for the comments. I think slight modifications to the end will be coming soon.


Scratch that! I think a story for a sequal is brewing!
Here’s a preview…


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