hi ppz. here a beta of our ctrl_lightprofile.
as the name implies it implements photometric
light profiles in xsi.

     the second img is from a scene included. 
     just select for the ctrl_lprofile shaders
     the right path to the included ies and 
     eulumdat profiles.


Outstanding Ctrl.peoples… You know we all love you!

I’ll give it a try over the weekend. :bounce:


Yes! We owe you a debt of gratitiude.


finally !! works great here. can you include a method so I will convert all the light in the scene and use just a geoshader ? in archiviz most of the times where I need photometric lights I also need that they are all the same lights with the same parameters. keep it on.



Beautiful, I’ll try take a look as soon as I get a chance! Thank you very much!


great thanks for this, will test it in the next days and i hope it will make the lighting life much better. :wink:



This looks really interesting, I’m about to try it out.
By the way, do you guys have an internet site or something? I’m having a really hard time finding some of the awesome Ctrl shaders :sad:


I worked with it last night… very nice… but definitely not really usable yet.

Here’s to you great shader manipulators… :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to hear you’ve completed it!


Hi Francesca,
You’ve done it again :slight_smile:

Thank you

going to play with it today.



very nice… but definitely not really usable yet.
Can’t wait to hear you’ve completed it!

   :) you'll get the time to understand why that is not
   the best thing to say during a pubblic beta. :)
   anyway here support for renderregion and animatable
   parameters. rendertree support should comes shortly.
  but we'll retain also this way to work with lprofiles as
  most of the times you don't need to attach anything
  to the photometric shader to get its job done. even
  better there will be some customization on this encaps
 way to allow fast scene setup for standard photometric 
 light workflows as generally in archiviz for example.


-first, download the last ctrl.lightprofile beta (from the first post)
-second, download a consistent IES repository
-third, download a great profile viewer

   once you unpacked the ies profiles into a folder then
   double click the profile viewer application, it does not
   require installation. from the intuitive interface navigate
   to the profiles folders. once selected a folder you can
   view the profiles in a thumbnail style to choose the one
   you prefer. great thing is that you can just ctrl+C and
   the apz will copy the full path to the profile ready to
   be pasted into the ctrl.lightprofile in xsi. if you've not
   already a lightprofile shader in the scene, do this: put
   a geometryshader in the view, load ctrl.lprofile. paste
   the profile you inspected in the profileviewer, then select
   a point light to attach it. have fun.
   (remember that until you tweak the 'profile' section you
   have to 'empty.cache.when.renderregion.closes' from the
   preferences->rendering to see your profiles being updated. 
   once you are sure about your profile you can tweak and
   animate the light parameters as always).
   some tests:: 
 on the left the scene with always the same setup
 on the right the profile used.



Thanks fran,
I found a light profile viewer that makes a render
of the selected profile, its pretty cool, makes viewing the profile easier.
No need to test render to see what it looks like in XSI.
Its called IESviewer, his website is underconstruction at the moment and
is not displaying the preview render window.


ehy, it’s the same I posted above. it is by
andrey.legotin. it allows you to handle light
profiles as you do with images in the window
explorer… I’d call it IESexplorer. :slight_smile:

here another one for those that wanna
change their light profiles without having
to rely on existing profiles. I mean you can
draw your own profiles.



Right okay there the same except this one is a newer version.
With the rendering abilities I was talking about.
Let me know if you want it. cheers


Let me know if you want it.
I want it :slight_smile:



add me to the list too :smiley:


Why no linux…o why :sad:


HI Fran,
I find the light profile doesn’t point in the
same direction as the spot light cone.
So when I create a new light I have to
figure out which way to point the light.
Would be really helpfull if it pointed the sameway
as the spotlight cone :slight_smile:


Hi Duncan,

you should use a point light with light profiles.
it does not make great sense to me to use a spot
light… as the spot light physical features comes
with the profile itself… so using a spot light is just
trying to overwrite them and for that you’ll have
also to align the light by yourself. I know that you
are using spots probably really to have a better
handling on the light but you can use some quick
trick to do that also with point lights.



IESviewer v2.9 is here http://maxcadproductions.com.sapo.pt/ies29.zip

It has RT rendering.