a pair of shaders to control interactively from within maya your framebuffers, store and write them out directly to img files.

                   [color=DarkOrange]*first collect the infos you need into separate buffers.[/color]
                 *then setup the buffer_write to write out the buffers to separate img files.


great stuff !!

vive francesca :applause:


Woot!! Been waiting for something like this for AGES :slight_smile:
You still are the champion, ragazza astuta!


yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!! i was waiting for this!!
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you can also ‘break up’ your scene lighting in different buffers and then recompose the whole after…
you’ll just need a shader which has a way to link lights from its interface like the standard mib_illumin.

the up left and right are occlusion and specular buffers.
down left spot light with shadow… right point’ambient’ light.


great ! :slight_smile:

It’s maybe asking a lot, but can you release the source code, or just the part that output the buffer to files ?


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Great work as always!!


Awsome. Can I compile it for linux? …pretty please?


amazing! thanks you so much francesca!


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Wow it works great!! I’m amazed at how you can render out 7 framebuffers at once at the normal speed of 1 fully composited frame, framebuffers are great!

Two tiny questions though:

  1. I guessed that you plug a material into the ‘render buffer’ slot just so you can see it in the render view window, but it doesn’t get saved out? At least it didn’t for me. Or is that what the ‘skip renderregion’ control does?

  2. Is there the possibility of making it so that the outputted files are named whatever you called them in the store shader instead of user1 etc? Like .specular.0.iff? Sorry, I’m sure you’ve already thought of that.


Wow!!! Thank you so much, francesca! :applause:


Wow! Nice.

And I would be thrilled to see a comprehensive tutorial from someone regarding this stuff.


:rolleyes: …sem Palavras…no words…!! Obrigado Francesca:)
im working on a new Maya/Mentalray Interior scene… with 6.5… and this …this is from hell…lol…:twisted:


OS X compile? anybody?


Wow. Awesome. Now I can through away my MPR plugin.:). Atleast I’ve got the concepts now.




Did you write a zdepth shader,or is that just for reference?


Finally.!!! :bounce:


very cool stuff ! would be nice that the names get the framepadding from the renderglobals?!

love this bufferstuff !!!